AdarshAdarsh Rao will moderate the category Environment and Ecology.

Adarsh, is a native of Mysore, and has been involved with various nonprofits. She strongly believes that collaboration between nonprofits, individuals, and the government is essential to address complex issues that we face today. She likes to read, travel and listen to music. An avid tennis fan and follower of all things Federer! She has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s degree in Communication and currently works in a FDA – regulated industry. She believes that everyone can make a difference and hence her blog is aptly named “eksparsh”


BadhriBadhri will moderate the category Education and Training.

He works as an electronics engineer in Synopsys India. Pvt. Ltd. He is primarily interested in improving the quality of education, especially in delivery methods that can be used to improve basic reasoning among students. He is also an active blogger and writes regularly for ThinkChangeIndia, and of course, NGOpost. Some of his links online are:

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About Category Moderators:

Category moderators are team members with keen interest and knowledge in their chosen area. They follow the activity in this area closely, share their knowledge and help develop a close-knit community around that category.

Each of the categories (areas of social work) covered at NGO Post will have a facilitator who will be responsible for the overall health of that category. The facilitator will be in-charge of the category and will be responsible for its success.


  • Visit the category regularly to ensure proper quality, formatting etc of stories in that category
  • Encourage discussions on the stories in that category – this may include sending messages to users who are likely to be interested in those stories
  • Share stories and videos in that area to generate active discu
  • Generate awareness about your NGO Post category amongst external blogs, mailing lists and other social-network communities to bring in new users and content


Minimum qualifications

  • Have a natural interest in the chosen category – prior experience in that field is helpful, although not necessary
  • Be an active user at NGO Post – so that you can “teach by example”
  • Should be able to visit the site regularly


Would you like to become one?

  • Turn your interest in social work into a highly productive and useful endeavor
  • Help NGO Post in becoming better – we also recognize your contributions by highlighting the facilitators on our team page.
  • Get the experience of building and sustaining an online community for social work


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