Invite: Festival of Indigenous Storytellers Bangalore 2011

 To all who love adventures in Storytelling...

   Invite: Festival of Indigenous Storytellers Bangalore 2011
       Venue: Fire Flies, Off Kanakpura Road, Bangalore
       Dates: 30th Sept to 2nd Oct, 2011


 This is the second year of the travelling Confluence, Festival of Indigenous Storytellers - a unique, and a one of a kind, gathering of various elusive indigenous cultures (especially of forest and mountain communities) from across the country. The first was organised in Sikkim with a tribute being paid to the Sacred Mountain Kanchzenzonga (the ancestral home of many cultures in the region) with the support of Sikkim State Culture and Heritage Department.

An initiative of Acoustic Traditional to promote tribal myths, legends, folktales and their storytellers, the Confluence this year will bring together around 10 storytellers from as many tribes of India. Being held at the Fire Flies Ashram, Bangalore, between the 30th of September and 2nd of October 2011, we cordially invite you to share some of the magical glimpses into the amazing past of so many cultures, bought into life by their own storytellers, shamans, medicine people and young narrators.

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 Details of the Confluence, Festival of Indigenous Storytellers, Bangalore 2011.

For further information on how to register or get involved, please do get in touch with us at +9180 6597 1082 or +91 9886027733 or visit Official Website and Facebook Page .

The registrations close on the 15th of September 2011.

About Acoustic Traditional

Acoustic Traditional is a Bangalore based, independent non-profit organisation working towards the promotion of oral storytelling and tribal folklore, especially of mountain and forest-based communities. It aims to encourage the preservation of the various myths, legends and stories that have been an integral part of a tribal group, vis-à-vis their cultural, environmental, spiritual and scientific heritage and also to creatively engage other communities, through storytelling, in view of building a collective that supports the need for such preservation.
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