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I write to introduce you to the Colorss Foundation and our newest project, Colors of Life, in Pune. Our organization is called the Colorss Foundation; we are based in India, and we seek to improve the lives of the marginalized members of our society by helping them to integrate into the social and economic life of the nation.  Colors of Life, involves the use of technology to enable disabled and otherwise disadvantaged children to teach children to develop an e-magazine, while learning leadership skills, communication skills, and developing their personalities and interpersonal relationships.  We want this project to be self-sustaining.

Colors of Life is about to get started near Pune, in the state of Maharashtra, at the Sai Baba Seva Dham center.  Students from the municipal schools and some disabled children who live in the village will be the first class; these students will learn how to develop their own e-magazine — they will provide the contents and fillers. Colors of Life aims is to reduce the school drop-outs and to give a platform to marginalized and disabled children to enhance their personality at a holistic level.

We have high hopes for them, and we are confident that they will do their best, and indeed discover skills and abilities that they may not have known that they had. One of the most important parts of their education in Colors of Life is learning how to use technology for positive ends—specifically using computers.  To be sure, technology and media have had negative influences on the lives of children throughout the world; but Colors of Life intends to reverse that trend for its participants, to show them that technology can be a good thing for children and for everyone.  The productive nature of Colors of Life ensures that this initiative will be a shining example of how technology can improve the lives of the disabled and marginalized. Here we are working directly on the holistic development of the rural child with the help of technology as a medium to motivate the child

We have made a good start with this project, having obtained space at Sai Baba Seva Dham, and we have also assembled our first class of students who will learn about the positive uses of technology and the importance of education in improving their lives.  In order to get everything up and running, though, we still have some equipment that we must obtain.  We would sincerely appreciate any donations that you could provide.  Below is a description of the items that we still require.

First, we wish to have ten computers and the proper furniture for them, as well as a printer, a generator, and an inverter to support the computers.  The specific technical demands are listed below:

  1. Nine (9) compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, with holders
  2. Ten desktop computers (they can and likely will be old computers)
  3. One laser printer
  4. One generator, with capacity for ten computers and a CFL
  5. One inverter, with capacity for ten computers and a CFL
  6. UPS for ten computers
  7. Four multi-utility power-point holder

Second, we will need to get the proper furniture and other accommodations for the students.  The following list details these needs:

  1. Furniture for ten computers: tables or desks
  2. Ten plastic chairs
  3. One fan
  4. Two carpets to increase the seating capacity in the room, for large presentations etc.
  5. One Almira, for storage
  6. Stationery paper, pens, pencils, rubbers, notebooks, files, and educational books for the students.

Also, it is very important that we obtain a BUSINESS LICENSE for Microsoft Office so that we can utilize the program on multiple computers at our site.  This last item is absolutely essential for the success of Colors of Life.

Please feel free to visit, to see photographs of our office space at Sai Baba Seva Dham.

Please remember that 50% of all donations to Colorss are exempt from taxation under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.  These donations are exempt under Income Tax Act 80G(5), registration number BRD/CIT/1 80G (20) (105) 2009-10.  This registration is valid under 31 March 2012. (Only for Indians, we do not accept any foreign donation in Cash)

Again, any assistance that you could provide will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much for your commitment to improving the lives of these children.

For Love,


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Hello Parul,

We have designed our own curriculum. And at this stage we are also working on our own vocational training manual, this would be constantly updated and upgraded. i.e with more skills, vocational training skills, customized need based curriculum and lot more contents.

We would be teaching the staff and volunteers who are at site. One of the staff members does have the needful expertise.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Anand,

Some time back I was contacted by a group to set up a similar computer skills training centre in Bangalore .. they were looking for some NGO or a regular computer training institute which could help them setup a curriculum and provide or train teachers .. can you tell how you are dealing with these logistical issues? did you formulate a curriculum yourself and train teachers for it?

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Thank you Parul. Once we design the first layout 'Colors of Life' I will share it.


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it does help, Anand. thanks!

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