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Salt Worker community is a pathetic and most vulnerable community living in coastal pockets of Tamilnadu. There are four important salt production clusters in the state. Among those, Vedaraniyam is the second biggest salt production cluster. Even though the industry makes lots of profit and earn foreign exchange to the country,   which is significantly contributing to the GDP of India, the workers who make it possible are totally ignored and live in a worst working and living condition. As tsunami had completely damaged saltpans, the livelihood of salt workers who solely depend on the saltpans had further become paralysed.. An assessment made by Government of India Ministry of Industries, Salt Commission on the livelihood condition of salt workers through out the country says that the salt workers are the poorest of the poor in the country. However, there is no specific privilege or concession provided. FACE has been instrumental in promoting community driven advocacy towards changes in policies and programs in favor of the community. FACE has been working with them from 2005 January. We in fact soon after tsunami choose to work with them in order to support the industry rebuilding their livelihood activities. As the salt sector was totally ignored by most of the relief players, we advocated on behalf of the tsunami affected salt industry among International organizations and state departments. We brought out INGOs OXFAM GB, SAVE THE CHILDREN, and GOAL, Irelands, UNDP and state departments to the industry. With our direct field intervention, we were able to understand about various serious issues of salt workers and continue to work with them. We facilitated the community identifying and prioritizing the issues and plan for collective actions towards the solutions. To continue working with the community we are in need of support either as partnership or as donation by possible means. People/ institution interested in this cause kindly contact us mail by or mobile +91-9442333503 or donate us in

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FACE is basically an organization, working with salt workers and other marginal and hidden-neglected communities in Tamilnadu. We presently work with salt Workers in Vedaraniyam and Tuticorin (two important salt production centers in Tamilnadu). Salt worker community is very depressed, vulnerable more


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