Soapy Nuts: Daily dump's natural alternative to detergents

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I chanced upon Daily Dump's soapy nuts in Bangalore's new Mother Earth store on Inner Ring  Road and was fascinated to know that one can use an old grandma trick - reetha, which used to be recommended for washing hair - as a natural alternative to detergents which contain many unknown and potentially harmful chemicals. Not to mention the problems they create for waste water treatment and pollution caused (I am reminded of this by the froth floating in Bellandur lake every day :-(). Promptly got a bag to try and see if I could completely replace daily detergents with it. Results in the first wash were fairly satisfying - clothes were cleaned. Moreover, because the soapy nuts don't froth, I could just do with one rinsing cycle. The water saved is an added bonus :-) Claim is that you can also use it in washing machines - might not work for heavily soiled clothes though.

Attaching their scanned brochure below for more information .. apparently such products are also available in other eco-friendly stores worldwide! See

Another interesting product from Nigel's eco-store:

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good stuff. more such things are the need of the day!!

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Also add some information on how much they cost (in comparison to regular detergents) - especially since you found them pretty cost effective.

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each packet contains 108 soapy nuts. You use 5 nuts for each wash and each set of 5 can last 2-3 washes. Priced at Rs 90, I think it was quite cost-effective. And I am sure it should be possible to buy reetha from traditional shops at much lesser cost!

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So for Rs. 90, you can get about 50 bucket washes. How many washes does one get from regular detergent powder for Rs. 90?

Also does anyone know how much would buying the same amount of Reetha from regular shop cost?

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Let me check it out! :) Thanks for sharing. Need to check the mother earth store for the Ubuntu at work thingie as well! :)

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Do you know how many grams was it for Rs.90? Here is another article -

Recycling washwater when using soapnuts is easier. I guess this is another aspect of cost saving.

Have to plant some of these at home now, will be very useful in the future when they bear fruits!!

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this is a very useful article, Kishan, thanks for sharing!! nitin according to this 200gm of reetha at a local shop cost Rs 25 - the amount i bought for 90 Rs was similar but it had some jazz with a nice cloth bag containing the nuts and a little muslin bag for use during washes which i won't need the next time and can save. though detergent prices span a whole range, an average would be Rs 3-4 per wash cycle. so reetha is upto 4-6x more economical.

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just read through this after a friend forwarded it.

it is heartening to know that there are new users who also find it effective /economical and eco-friendly - which is what was intended.

having written the article in citizen matters and worked with the team at daily dump to bring out the product, let me clarify a couple of things
that the soapnuts mentioned in the citizen matters article was the variety native to south india which contains less saponin than sapindus murokossi - the Himalayan variety. so yes, while you can buy soapnuts locally, the wash from this second variety is definitely better.
also, we are looking to make refill packs available soon (at DailyDump), so like one of you rightly pointed out you would not need to buy the cloth pouch again.
please continue spreading the word. we need more people to convert for it to make a real difference to the environment.

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For more information about the soapy nuts, please click on the following link:

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Really liked the product...its quite effective and easy to use..and the best thing is that u're free from chemicals that remain after washing in your clothes! Its good for the environment and good for people too!

These are also available online at even the refill packs mentioned by Vinita are available here..

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