Dean Kamen's magical distiller

by ameetdesh on Mar 23, 2008      Category: Food & Water Tags: video water invention cool

Amazing vapor compression distiller developed by Dean Kamen, which can take in "any" water (ocean, wells, muddy water, puddle, with any minerals/heavy metals), and can also produce electricity.. and can burn anything. charcoal, cowdung, chaff, wood and so on... and has no maintenance.. no filters to clean, no things to replace! It can provide safe clean drinking water in remote rural areas, at affordable running cost..

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I am doctoral student at UC San Diego. I am interested in Economics and role of appropriate Technology in development and education. With the internet, the world has become a small place, with best practices in various fields accessible at mouseclick. In future I would like to play such rolw of a more



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but how expensive this its, from the looks of it looks way too expensive. Somehow I wonder if all this things ever see to getting adopted, having visited lot of rural areas in India, I have hardly seen any of this lab developed stuff being a nice fit for villages.

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the concept looks almost incredible - can purify _anything_ and produce electricty too? would like to know more technical details and how successful its deployment has been outside the labs! any pointers, ameet? the distiller does look bulky and expensive. what else it needs to run - electric power supply? heating fuel? special input materials?

It would be useful to compare this with Lifestraw
which, though, isn't claimed to be as all-powerful, is cheaper, more portable and more accessible

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an aside, the light and fun treatment of the video does make it worth a watch :-)

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