Rainwater Harvesting Systems by Barefoot College

by megha on Aug 29, 2010      Category: Food & Water Tags: rainwater harvesting livelihood water conservation

This small documentary is about how we can save and preserve precious rain water.

How can harvest water from rooftop. Barefoot College make rainwater harvesting tanks not only in schools of some states of India but also in Afghanistan,Ethiopia,The Gambia,Mauritania,Mali-Timbuktu,SierraLeone,Senegal.


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I am a PhD student at the University of Southern California with research interests in robotics. I did my undergraduate studies from IIT Bombay. Being a member of NGO Post is an attempt at doing something for the community that I am a part of.

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Very informative. I wish the Govt of India should encourage such methods. Such videos should be made available to all the people in Cities, villages and use of wide screens at railway stations, hospitals, airports and other public place should be made available so that the information can reach to every citizen.

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