[Organic] One-Straw Revolution

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One of the better books I have read in the recent past. Obviating the use of fertilizers and pesticides is something that I have been aware of for some time but working on an unploughed field - that was new to me. Always thought that the carbon foot print of farmers should be pretty good and they are paying the price of the mistakes made by city dwellers but it appears they too have made mistakes over the years - of course influenced by the markets and government policies.

I have often passed paddy fields and loved them but now I shall see them in a different light altogether. Loved the ideas in the book and hope to see the work nearby in India somewhere.

Do grab a copy or read online and most importantly spread the word if you think it is probably the right way to go...



The ecopy of the book is available below. Do get a hard copy - totally worth keeping! :)

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Interested in the development sector and hoping to use the skills to create a positive impact......read more



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One of the inputs I got -

There are few farmers in Karnataka following fukuoka's principles. I met with few of them during a talk recently. There is also a yahoo group where I see good number of Indian farmers sharing their experiences. You may want to see, if you have not seen it before.


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