Donate A Book/s for Model Village Library

Drishtee Foundation has started a small library at the centre in Thawar (40kmsrom Lucknow, UP) where we currently have about 30 illustrated short story books for kids and some resource material on agri/horticultural practices.
These books are primarily catering to one demographic-young children,
if we safely assume that farmer membership for the second type of
books will be minimal.

We need more books to cater to the population in between kids and
1. Some books on computers- especially additional reading for the computer course.
2. English grammar books, study guides and learning aids.
3. Popular literature- hindi and english, including graphic novels.
4. Reference books on science, environment, history etc including
small encyclopaedia's.
5. Books on politics, social and developmental issues.

6. Misc

Please donate by calling Geeta Sangha at 9818926198 or email me at

Every donation how small makes a huge impact in the lives of the marginalized!!

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