Urja - Our first vocational training program @ Baroda, Gujarat

Urja - igniting the power within @ Baroda

We have started our first vocational training program in Baroda, Gujarat and soon Pune, Maharashtra would start. 

The project aims at the empowerment of women. It aims at providing vocational training to women especially for women from underprivileged sections of the society. A team of 10 highly motivated youngsters headed by Ms Ahluwalia is working on Urja. Each member is involved in the development of this crucial and important project. The team successfully identified couple of communities as per the guidelines. Among them one community was finalized, it’s a slum area located on Magal Pandey Road, Vadodara.. The person in charge of this community has agreed to extend his support for the implementation of the project. 

We carried out a need assessment in the identified community in order to understand the background of these women, their socio-economic structure and their felt needs; those that are always ignored by the society. Our intern Ms Papori from Tata Institute of Social Science and Ms Ahluwalia helped in designing the assessment. The detailed analysis of the data-collection has helped us to understand the need and kind of program that needs to be implemented.

Ms Papori is helping us with the initial set-up for Urja. This of course is a challenging task for the entire team Colorss of Baroda. Setting up from the scratch, the team has been highly dedicated and coordinated properly. Soon the women in Urja programme would undergo skill training. We hope to have an exhibition of the products made so that the society at large can feel the change.

We require a Handicraft Trainer URGENTLY in Baroda. Please connect us with them or ask them to connect us at: emailcolorss@gmail.com or call on 0960 494 1020

Please follow us on facebook: www.facebook.com/colorssfoundation

Once the training program starts and the samples are created. We would share them with you. Yes, we do look ahead to hear you and your support is always being honored.

Come let’s be a part of change
For Love 

Anand Koti



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