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Contact Person: Md.Shamsul Haque

Executive Director



Head Office:            2 no
B.B Avenue
, Gulistan Shopping complex, 7th floor, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Phone: 0088-02-9513233,9513188, Mobile: 01190284801,01819474399,





Backgrounds :


Bangladesh is a country of over population. Most of the populations here have been living under the margin of poverty and suffering lots due to Illiteracy, Mal Nutrition, Poverty, unemployment, Lack of Good governance, lake of awareness, dowry system, Drug addiction, Child and women abuse and discrimination, Child and Mother’s death, Health Hygiene hazard, Pollution of Environment, over population.


ASK is a non-political, non-profitable non-government Human rights development organization formally come to the development intervention in 1996 that has been working mainly with distressed and vulnerable child, men-women since it’s inception in 1996 in the over all Bangladesh. ASK has been initiating demand driven development programs leading towards uplift the rights and status in all spare of life.


The core concern of ASK development strategy are effective participation of the Man & women in decision making Process that effect their life and livelihood, gender equality, social justice, equal economic growth sustainable and productive resource management and finally environmental protection and regeneration.


ASK -Vision:


A Society that fulfils the basic rights of distressed and vulnerable children, men-women in order to secure their basic needs, social justice, peace, harmony and ecological balance.


ASK -Mission:


Mobilization of distressed and vulnerable children, men-women through an organizational manner and promoting human dignity towards eradication of poverty.


Core Vales:


„        Patriotism, National Sovereign and Heritage Preservation.

„        Transparency and Accountability.

„        Gender frankly-ness

„        Ensure equal opportunity.

„        Ensure best quality.

„        Human right awareness

„        Providing Legal Aid service


Legal Status:


Owing to the Activity to date ASK has gained Government approval and recognition as a voluntary organization devoted to the Social Welfare Activity.



Registration Authority

Registration Number

Date of Registration


Department of Social Service, DSS Dhaka




Joint stock company &firms (under society Act1860)









Aims and Objectives:


To fulfill the mission and envision ASK illustrated its aims and objectives as follows:


Ø       It’s a non-profitable, non-political, non-government voluntary and charitable society.

Ø       To remove illiteracy from the society and act as a helping hand of Government of Bangladesh to ensure the education with in 2015, ASK will take necessary education program for Child, Adolescent and Adult.

Ø       To undertake activities for human rights and good governance, establishing woman and children rights and gender equality.

Ø       Disabled people are vulnerable and neglected in the society as in their family, ASK envisions to provide them in the main stem of the society throw different activity and program like human rights awareness, skill development training.

Ø       Malnutrition, Child and mother death, lake of Awareness, health hygiene and sanitation situation is not good enough in the Rural and urban Area of the Country, ASK aims to take a vast programs in this sector like family planning, EPI, Birth Control, Nutrition, Home stead gardening, poultry and hatchery.

Ø       ASK will take necessary programs and activity, lobbing with different forum Different wings of Government of Bangladesh for the protection of Acid violence, Dowery, Abuse of child and women, Violation of Child Rights from the society.

Ø       Total environment situation of Bangladesh is becoming damaged by man made and natural calamity day after day, as a result ecology, bio-diversity, nature of Bangladesh as well as its atmosphere is polluting crucially, ASK dreams a pollution free nature and thinks to take necessary initiatives in this sector.

Ø       To undertake activities for conservation of nature and environment development.

Ø       To take up program to distribute relief among distressed, poverty-stricken in the event on any natural disaster like food, storm, cyclone and earthquake.

Ø       To plan and Implement human resource development activates.

Ø       To help the poor for improving access to resources and provide institutional and other facilities to the physically vulnerable and other disabled people.

Ø       To established or support training centers or to conduct and arrange training programs, to grant stipends, scholarships, Fellowships, to sponsors or organizes seminars, symposium, conference, media campaign, national & international day, grand rally, workshops, and conferences and to publish reports periodicals.

Ø       To establish, run and maintain human rights ActivitiesSchool and college for the development of Good governance in the country.

Ø       To providing legal aid support for the community people overall Bangladesh.

Ø       To observation and monitoring national & international election.


Mechanics of ASK Development Intervention:

·           Build a relation of Project ownership among the stakeholder.

·           Organizational development through partnership with beneficiaries.

·           Cost Effective ness of program

·           Ensure the quality and Project sustainability.

·           Ensure the participation of stakeholder in development process.





Working Strategy:


The main working Strategy of ASK is community participation, sharing cost and experience from the grass-root level.


Target Population/ Stakeholder:

Under Privileged, Hardcore, Poor and Rootless, Child, Men and Women combined with urban and rural area of Bangladesh.


Selecting criteria of target population.


Under privileged households of Rural areas of Bangladesh including coastal belts who able to secure monthly income maximum taka 3000.00 and below this range.


ASK prioritize the destitute women and girls of Costal area in process of program implementation.


Major Strength:


ASK is Executed by a strong management team lead by an Executive Committee consist of

13 members. To assist the executive committee it has a strong Advisory Board consist of 201 members. All of them are socially well established in different professions in different fields. Besides this, for the smooth and a very good management, to assist the Chief Executive, ASK has a professionally trained up and skilled staff member’s a board of consultant including human rights work professionals.


Net Working Membership status:


·          Bangladesh Manob odiker sommonoy parishad.

·          Bangladesh Shishu Adikar Forum (BSAF).

·          Bangladesh Human Rights commission.



Operational Area:     65 District and all over Bangladesh or movement worldwide.




Staff Position:



Category of Staffs





Full time Staff





Part time/ Project Staffs

























List of on going Programs and Activity:




Programs and Activity


Programs and Activity





Human rights awareness

All District


Youth and Adult.



Legal aid service

All District

Under Privileged hard core poor people of urban & rural area


Capacity buildup training

All District

Under Privileged hard core poor people of urban & rural area


Enterprise Development Program


All District

Under Privileged Rurall people, Day Laborer, Marginal Farmer, Poor, Land less, Small traders, Transportation Staffs


Plantation Program


All District



Child, youth, Women

And Men


Youth Development Program.

All District


Unemployed and unskilled Youth.


Man, woman and child trafficking

All District


Youth, NGO person & border belt community



Case study and human rights survey



All District


Urban, rural and international community


Human rights & health security for migrants worker

National & internationally

Youth, man and child or woman




Networking & Advocacy

National & international organization

NGO leader,Human rights worker


 ASK program/project implementation approach: ASK implements its program activities in two ways: direct under a program and integrated with different programs. It has some objectives and some activities for those programs. While in implementation it tries to match/incorporate relevant objectives and activities. Through project(s) ASK materializes its mission and vision encompassing components of a certain program or integrating different components of two or more programs. In field intervention it carries out its program/project activities through site/field offices. Presently it has site offices in eleven different districts of Bangladesh.


ASK Coordination of the fieldwork, monitoring and evaluation: ASK head office is responsible for the overall implementation and coordination of the fieldwork. It has three different cells/departments for implementation, planning and development and financing. The cells are namely-

-Planning, research and development section

-Program implementation section and

-Finance and administration section

Each section has a coordinator and they with support of the field staff carry out their regular duties and responsibilities, provides guidelines and directives as required at field level.




Banking Information:


Mother Account No- SB- 4371            

Pubali Bank LTD,

Johnson Rd.
Branch, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Financial Year:                                                                              


 ASK maintained the English Calendar Year for its financial transaction that start from July and end in June.






ASK is moving forward slowly but steady with the active participation of its entire members with a commitment to fulfill its mandate, vision and mission from the very beginning of its inception in 1996. It became possible by the collaborate activities of a group of industrious and creative staffs and a group of devoted members.

We are hopeful that ASK will proceed forward more effectively to fulfill its mandate and mission. For the purpose we need good and positive suggestions, opinions and kind advice.



                                              The end …………………………























2 no B.B Avenue, Gulistan Shopping complex, 7th floor, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh Phone: 0088-02-9513233,9513188, Mobile: 01190284801,01819474399, e-mail 1000 dhaka
Contact Person: 
md.sharifur rahman
Contact Telephone Number: 
01819474399 ,01675714607
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sharifur rahman

Backgrounds : Bangladesh is a country of over population. Most of the populations here have been living under the margin of poverty and suffering lots due to Illiteracy, Mal Nutrition, Poverty, unemployment, Lack of Good governance, lake of awareness, dowry system, Drug addiction, Child and more



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