Chandnichakhat Association For Rural Social & Health Advancement



In the long run the organization aspires a society where the people will have livelihood secured and security must live with peace, dignity, equal justice, mutual trust, love and affection, mutual respect, sisterhood and brotherhood and with gender equity.



The organization, through its activities for sustainable development, would aspire to become a value based organization, a good service provider to the community members of at its operational are mostly inhabitant by the poor wealth less and marginalized section of population by organizing the people for united effort to achieve assured livelihood security by harnessing local and natural resource developing.



    In fulfilling the aspired mission and to ensure effective people’s participation the organization shall assume the role of

       -Facilitator, motivator, communicator

       -Implementer through facilitation

       -Lobbying and advocacy



-       Developing value based partnership with the development actors.

-       Capacity enhancement of the workers and village leaders.

-       Formation and strengthening of village level organization.

-       Strict adherence of the value based development concepts.



Ø  To work for sustainable development practices in the rural areas ensuring women empowerment at all stages

Ø  Making people aware of the rights, duties and responsibilities as an individual. A villager, a citizen

Ø  Providing preventive, primitive  and curative health care services for the people in general and women and children in specific

Ø  Empowering the rural women through micro-finance and micro entrepreneurship development programmer

Ø  Imparting vocational training for rural youth with a view to making them self-supportive including acquiring skill suited to their needs, priorities and capabilities

Ø  Development of micro-level infra structural facilities

Ø  Promotion of local resources to function as self-sustaining development units

Ø  Development on health and Sanitation system in our local area and others districts.

Ø  Overall improvement of socio-economic conditions of the target community including basic health measures, education, empowerment.

Mostly development on agriculture production and farmers knowledge development in our rural 


CHANDNICHAKHAT 742223 Roughunathganj , WB
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we are working for the education and health under the last five years like to associate with you in enhancincing the skills and opportunittes for the rural youth & pri villaged children ,we seek support to you more


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