Gyan Bharti Shiksha Avam Prashikshan Sansthan


Our Organization “GYAN BHARTI” Shiksha & Prashikshan Sansthan, was established by a group of dedicated social workers with the objectives of bringing socioeconomic development in the society and welfare of the common people.

 We have always been working towards the betterment in the conditions of the deprived section and we have been implementing relevant programs for their welfare since the establishment. We have implemented programs on education, health & family welfare, environmental protection, socioeconomic development, poverty elimination and rural development etc.

Since then the organization is engaged in different activities like child education, Rural Development, Environment protection & Forestation. Also we have been undertaking and implementing various programs and activities relevant to vocational education of women, girls & children. Adult education is also provided by the organization.


Education is the backbone of the nation. Without education we can not imagine a developed country. Our organization  is established just like a small plant to grow like a large barged tree to provide a cool shelter to all those who are running for shelter to escape from the scorching summer . Its Chairman Mr. Ashok Kumar Singh, who is well adept and sound in Management and Administration and General Secretary/Manager is MR. AKHILESH AWASTHI, who is a known social worker and NPO consultant.

The strength of a nation lives in its people not in gold. The human resources are main strength of a nation. Children are our hidden treasure. In a developing country like ours the main objective is to tap these mines of hidden power and channel, the energy released in a constructive manner. Realizing the circus of prevalent education system and need of education for commoners of the society, our organization renders services with the difference, without any distinction of rich & poor and serves even at the remotest place of the concerned districts.



Kanpur 208027 Kanpur , UP
26° 27' 16.7292" N, 80° 21' 3.7764" E
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Anant Awasthi
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