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Life Cube, Inc.

Founded in 2009 and based in Santa Barbara, CA, Life Cube, Inc. is a specialist in rapid deployment shelter technologies. The genesis of the Life Cube system began when contractor and entrepreneur Michael Connor witnessed the devastation in 2005 wrought by Hurricane Katrina and a massive earthquake in Pakistan. Watching humanitarian efforts, it became clear to him that a quickly deployable, portable shelter could be enormously helpful in providing life-saving shelter and supporting on-the-ground operations by aid workers. Mr. Connor immediately committed himself to invent an entirely new class of transportable shelter – one that would combine the advantages of a canvas tent, the ruggedness and utility of a trailer, with the speed and expandability of breakthrough inflatable technology. The result is the Life Cube. Today Life Cube, Inc. is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative air-beam shelters for a variety of markets and uses.


Life Cube, Inc.

402 E. Gutierrez Street

Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Tel: 805-879-1735 



Santa Barbara , CA
United States
Contact Person: 
Michal Conner
Contact Telephone Number: 
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Free Humanitarian Aid Shelters Available to NGOs From Life Cube Inc. For Disaster Relief Efforts Worldwide Life Cube, Inc., a developer and manufacturer of rapid deployment shelters for humanitarian aid, has launched the ‘Adopt a Cube’ Campaign, a new fundraising initiative offering more



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We are a non profit charity in India working in rural villages in women empowerment sector. We would like to become your partner organization India in order to expand our are of operation further and we would also like to represent you organization mission in India. Please contact us at e-mail:

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Hello dear Michal Conner,

we are a Small ministry here in Pakistan . we working with Orphans children and we helping adult handicapped and disabled peoples . we would like to partner here in Pakistan please contact with me . i am waiting for your e-mail God bless. .

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