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Welcome to SAI.
Economic inequality hurts poor people. It also hurts rich people who are sensitive to plights of poor. Ground reality  is that inequality can not to eliminated entirely. SAI will undertake programs which attempt to reduce inequality and its impact on poor.
First of such programs is for reducing wasteful expenditure in wedding ceremonies and receptions.
Following are salient features of proposed program-
*Volunteers and local coordinators will register on this site with their contact details.
*They will organize nonviolent demonstrations at venues where weddings violating SAI guidelines
 are taking place.
*They will keep themselves about 50m away from venue.
*They will obtain permission from police for demonstration.
*They will arrange for police protection.
*Duration of protest will be about 2 hours.
*Coordinators will be responsible and accountable for required funding.
*Coordinators will arrange for funding.
*Wedding invitation cards may declare that SAI guidelines will be followed.
*Wedding cards may also declare donations made to SAI.
*Coordinators will arrange for about a minimum of 200 volunteers for demonstration.
*Demonstrators will carry play cards and banners.
*Banners and play cards must not refer to wedding against which demonstration is arranged.
*There should not be any slogan shouting.
*SAI guideline is that food items in the menu should be restricted to 10.
Pl log on to following URL to participate.


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