Recycling Myths Debunked - Interesting Recycling Facts - Popular Mechanics

by hemant.mohapatra on Nov 11, 2008      Category: Environment Tags: environment energy recycling
Recycling Myths: PM Debunks 5 Half Truths about Recycling Is chucking a soda can in the trash an unforgivable sin? That depends who you ask: You'll find plenty of people on both sides of the great recycling debate, each equally convinced the other side is ill-informed. The truth is that opponents and proponents alike often rely on facts that are outdated, oversimplified or simply untrue. We tackle five of the biggest myths about recycling. For more, check out the December issue of Popular Mechanics. By Alex Hutchinson Photographs by Greg Miller Published on: November 10, 2008 Read the full
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Countering the economic slowdown: Pushing the benefits to the bottom of the pyramid

by amarjeet on Nov 10, 2008      Category: Economics & Business Tags: economic
A positive aspect of traveling to different places is getting a diverse perspective on how similar issues are handled across different regions and during different times (reasoning that i sometimes use to justify my carbon footprint from all the travel i do). While spending the lazy sunday evening in my apartment, it occurred to me how different governments across the world are trying to counter the economic slowdown by pushing money through their economic stimulus plans - U.S. allocated $168 billion earlier this year for tax rebates to individuals and tax breaks for businesses; Germany set as
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Senior Citizen Helpline

by dilipkdass on Nov 09, 2008      Category: * Needs & Opportunities * Tags: elder citizen senior old oldage silver
SENIOR CITIZEN HELPLINE AN ADOPT A PATIENT FOUNDATION INITIATIVE    Longevity has been one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century; as a result there are more older people today than ever before and their number is on the increase. The rapid industrialization and urbanization also brought about major changes in our social structure. The centuries old joint family system has disintegrated and with it collapsed the safety net of parents and grandparents. Since the welfare of the aged has been a low priority with the Government, they have nowhere to turn. They are left disillus
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Ability Foundation: Job Fair for Physically Challenged

by parulgupta8ue on Nov 09, 2008      Category: * Needs & Opportunities * Tags: employment job opportunity disabled
EmployABILITY 2009 is a great opportunity for job seekers with disability! It will be held at Chennai on January10 and 11, 2009. EmployABILITY 2009 offers equitable employment opportunities to qualified persons with disability, connecting them to unbiased equal-opportunity employers from across the country. It is a platform where you will be considered strictly on the basis of your qualifications and skills, not disability. It is jointly organised by Ability Foundation and Lions Club of Padi Shenoynagar, in association with and National HRD Network (Chennai Chapter). Last d
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Cabinet clears Right to Education Bill

by mynk on Nov 08, 2008      Category: Education Tags: education rights
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