Urban Volunteering vs. Rural Volunteering - My experience!!!

by prarthana on Nov 16, 2008      Category: Inspiration & Humour Tags: rural urban volunteer
Hi there!!!   iVolunteer in partnership with VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) had organised a Study tour for 6 Srilankan participants (from NGO’s working in areas of disabilities) on National Volunteering/Community volunteering followed by a Volunteer management workshop which was open for all and we had around 25 participants for the same. I got a wonderful opportunity to lead this project. I had a great knowledgable learning through this. Thought to share my experience with you all…   After the project got decided I gave a previsit to APD’s rural NGO in Kamathamp
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Fight to force banks to use less paper

by Goli on Nov 16, 2008      Category: Environment Tags:
Came across this fight from one couple to force banks to use less paper. And as I read this article, I also realized the amount of junk that keeps coming to my mailbox, and I hardly read it. Because most times I can always check my balance/status on the website so I hardly care to open. So I really appreciated this initiative, and this people fight to make sure that banks dont send them all the junk paper. This has also inspired me to ask my bank to not to send me any paper.    
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The Great Walk-a-thon is back again, this time in partnership with iVolunteer!!!

by prarthana on Nov 15, 2008      Category: * Needs & Opportunities * Tags: marathon walk run
Hiiii there!!! Prarthana is back again to action highly motivated, geared up for next event and expecting a great support from all of you as always… What say, all set????   As most of you are aware International Volunteer’s Day (December 5th) and World Disabled Day (December 3rd) are nearing, here’s a wonderful opportunity to each one of you to show your concern and solidarity of being part of the society and accepting the inclusiveness we speak about!!! By being part of Charity Walk and encouraging your friends, colleagues and neighbours, where people from all walks
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FoodRelief.org Helps Feed Needy Children in India

by nitiniitk on Nov 13, 2008      Category: Food & Water Tags: food poverty nutrition hunger
  Every month the Bhaktivedanta International Charities feeds over 6,000 needy children in the drought and flood afflicted areas of Orissa and Tamil Nadu, which comprise some of the poorest regions of India. I feel that providing food is a good idea only under the conditions of temporary calamities. In normal situations, I think efforts are better spent trying to enable people to earn their own. Enabling one might be better than feeding many.    
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