Cutting Edge Research on Microfinance : Philanthropy Action

by hemant.mohapatra on Oct 29, 2008      Category: Economics & Business Tags: microfinance ngo social enterpreneurship
For those who are interested in the sort of model, here's a great article/white-paper of sorts on the effect and benefits of microfinancing in the rural sector. I personally think microfinancing is going to be one of the leading cause of grass-root level development in the years to come! The article briefly touches upon some pertinent questions and answers. You could follow up to other articles from the webpage if you so wish.        
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Government 2.0 - Best Practices

by prateek on Oct 28, 2008      Category: Governance Tags: government wiki best_practices
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Solaris08 | Inter-Collegiate Festival on Climate Change

by ajohn316 on Oct 27, 2008      Category: Environment Tags: climate change solar
Solaris08 | Inter-Collegiate Festival on Climate Change - 22nd & 23rd November 2008 Global Citizens for Sustainable Development (NGO based in Bangalore,India) has been creating platform for young people to dialogue and engage in various environmental issues especially Climate Change. In April 2008, we organized an inter-generational workshop on Climate Change in Bangalore and later in August 2008 an Indian Youth Summit on Climate Change in Hyderabad along with other partners. We are now organizing, perhaps for the first time in India in collaboration with St.Josephs College (NSS/CSC gr
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From the Starting Grid: Aata Odanaata – A Sports NGO

by sheetal on Oct 25, 2008      Category: Others Tags: sports
From the Starting Grid: Aata Odanaata – A Sports NGO Author-Rajani Radhakrishnan Meet Sheetal Suryavanshi Mahendra and her old sports buddies Lakshmi Hariharan, Lakshmi SS and Shoba Aval., former Karnataka under-21 cricket, handball and baseball players: A motley crew on a mission. It has been a while since they hung up their cricketing gear and the kookaburra in their hands was replaced by a mouse, but now they’re ready to don their spikes and pull that baseball cap back over their heads. These 25-somethings want to give back. To that little boy whose eyes light up when he sees th
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Teach For India - a new initiative to meet the education demand in India

by saurabhpanjwani on Oct 25, 2008      Category: Education Tags: education teach for india
  Teach for India is a new initiative conceived on the lines of Teach for America in the US, and it aims to raise standards of education in rural and semi-urban schools in India by helping them solve the most critical resource problem -- availability of quality teachers. Teach for India will recruit young graduates and professionals from all disciplines and across the country, train them rigorously and then support them in a 2-year long teaching program in primary schools. Through aspirational exit opportunities, TFI - like Teach for America - hopes to attract and retain the best talent i
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3rd International Workshop - Developing Volunteer Management Systems - 12th and 13th November 2008

by parulgupta8ue on Oct 25, 2008      Category: * Needs & Opportunities * Tags: volunteer workshop
iVolunteer Institute of Volunteer Management (IIVM) announces the 3rd International Volunteer Management Workshop exclusively focused on Volunteer Management for organisations working in the area of Disability. Keeping in mind the never ending volunteers requirements, the workshop is kept open to organisations working for any cause because Volunteer Management is an area to be focussed, understood and utilised by all the organisations. The international workshop will be held at Hotel Shilton Royale, Bangalore, India on the 12th and 13th of November 2008. iVolunteer ( a non-pr
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by kavita on Oct 24, 2008      Category: Inspiration & Humour Tags: peace
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