Celebrate Christmas with 25000 kids

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Christmas With Chrysallis We need 250 Volunteers for   Christmas with Chrysallis 2008 Our 9th Christmas Programme - this year in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata Volunteer Today Help us to make this a memorable and joyous programme for the children Volunteer Meetings in Bangalore Venue: Diana's place 19 Hutchins Road, St. Thomas Town (Cooke Town) Bangalore 560 084 Date & Time:  Please confirm with Diana: Mail diana.tholoor@gmail.com or Call 65739341 / 9449816581 If you are not in a position to volunteer you could always help with the gifts and spon
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Khwaab-Inspire The Dreams

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Making A Difference Where It Counts...

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The Story When a few college kids visited the YMCA Boys Home three years ago, nobody had any dreams to change the world, or to make it a better place. They went, just to spend some time with the orphanage inmates and have a good time. Before they left, they asked the kids what they wanted next time there was a visit, and the kids surprised everyone by saying they wanted books. Now, kids that age could have asked for an umpteen other things that would have had nothing to do with the world of words. But here was an underprivileged crowd, who realized that the only way out of their predicament wa
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Save Bangalore

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Road widening is the least intelligent solution to our traffic problem. BBMP is pushing ahead with this mega project in total violation of the law. It is internationally acknowledged that widening roads: Makes more people drive Increase traffic congestion Increases pollution Increases risk to public safety  Road widening costs approximately Rs. 10 crores/km. i.e. Rs. 4,000 crores in total! Your tax money is spent on a project that has no guarantee of success. There is a plan to widen 140 roads totaling 400 km. This is how it is going to affect us : 1. Destruction of thousands of homes a
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Financial Literacy and Microfinance - New Research « ThinkChange India

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Article highlights the new cutting-edge research in understanding the role of financial literacy in microfinance. 
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