School Choice Campaign in India: the Education Voucher approach

by archana on Oct 11, 2008      Category: Education Tags: education school choice voucher
  Every parent would like to choose the school they want to send their children to. The School Choice Campaign's goal is exactly that. In many Indian states, save a few, government schools ail from a pattern of teacher absenteeism, poorly maintained infrastructure, low accountability to the parents and far from satisfied children. Even so, the state continues to spend money on the school, the teachers continue to get paid, and children continue to suffer in the midst of all this. There are many people who may not be able to afford the elite private schools of the richer sections of socie
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Excerpts from The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters. - By Rose George - Slate Mag

by hemant.mohapatra on Oct 11, 2008      Category: Environment Tags: renewable energy biogas sustainable living
 A great article on Slate about biogas and social responsibility. Read the full article on 3QD or directly on Slate
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2008 San Marino-Alexander Bodini Foundation Children's Awards

by parulgupta8ue on Oct 11, 2008      Category: * Needs & Opportunities * Tags: children child welfare unicef award
UNICEF is providing support for the presentation of the Alexander Bodini Charitable Foundation children's awards, which will honour two child-led organizations that have successfully and meaningfully contributed to creating A World Fit for Children. The 2008 San Marino-Alexander Bodini Foundation Children's Awards will comprise of a grant for two finalists.  The awards will be presented at an event to be held in New York City in February 2009 in the presence of the Minister for Foreign and Political Affairs and Economic Planning of the Republic of San Marino (with functions
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Jennifer Gallagher, Bringing smile on many faces. | Social Media Blog featuring people of Interviews, Stories,Reviews

by zazo on Oct 11, 2008      Category: Education Tags: social service orphans schools
Interview with Jennifer Gallagher, a UK based social worker who is dedicatedly involved in remote areas of India, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Palestine.
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Orissa calls for your generosity

by pulkit on Oct 10, 2008      Category: Conflict & Disaster Tags: disaster flood donation orissa
It’s raining floods in India. After Bihar, it’s our north-eastern state Orissa, that underwent the wrath of nature (in partnership with climate change). While we saw a reasonable response in supporting the Bihar flood relief (in terms of cloths and money), there has been far less effort to reach out to the flood-affected in Orissa. It's time to make amends. This post describes ways of contributing [including online donation] to the relief work being carried out by AID Orissa, which works closely with NGO Pratham, the government and other local partners. It also mentions who to cont
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Visit to Vanavil School, Nagapattinam

by Ameya2008 on Oct 10, 2008      Category: * Needs & Opportunities * Tags:
Our weekend at Nagapattinam   Infoscions from the Bangalore DC CSR team went on a rewarding visit to Vanavil ,a remarkable school near Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu, for survivors of the devastating tsunami that hit the state, a few years ago…   “Tsunami Rehabilitation Programme” cried out signboards as the bus sped past Karaikal on its way to the coastal town of Nagapattinam.  They highlighted the clusters of concrete dwellings built by various agencies (non-governmental organizations, spiritual organizations, corporate etc.) in the aftermath of the mammoth tsun
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Chaupaati Blog - Calling Volunteers to Pledge Blood Donation

by zishaan on Oct 09, 2008      Category: Health & Disability Tags: health blood donation sms phone
Chaupaati Bazaar initiated a free Blood Donor Information service. Through Chaupaati, people can directly connect with volunteers who have pledged blood donation - all with just one phone call!
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Community radio for tribal people in Kerala

by Goli on Oct 09, 2008      Category: Education Tags: community radio kerala
Wayanad Social Service society, is setting up a FM base station at Mananthavadi. Radio will feature community programs on farming, education and farming. Read full story by clicking on title.     
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