Scavenging Freedom

by yaomi on Oct 22, 2008      Category: Housing & Sanitation Tags: india health social untouchables entrapreneurs
This is the story of Sulabh International Social Service Organization and its founder, Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak. Sulabh took on the mission of removing untouchability in India by going to one of its main causes - India's toilet infrastructure. Instead of legal interventions, they chose to use entrepreneurship and have created a movement whose success turns conventional wisdom on its head. Sulabh's impact is felt all over India today and is a great story of engineering entrepreneurship being used to solve a human rights problem. Sulabh's story assumes importance in it's use of "Action Sociology" a
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Less Plastic for me

by Brinda on Oct 21, 2008      Category: Environment Tags: environment plastic waste recycle recycling
Dear all, This is to introduce you to our programme called Less Plastic for Me The programme is a joint initiative of Wipro and Saahas, a development organization working with issues related to management of waste in Bangalore. Programme Objectives Elicit public support to reduce use of plastic disposable products Use this support to introduce policies which ensure that all supermarkets and stores stop giving plastic carry bags free. Consumers who do not have their own shopping bag will thus have to pay for the plastic bags Introduce common collection centers for used plastic in schoo
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Interview of Prof. K.L.Srivastava of CSIM

by Badhri on Oct 20, 2008      Category: Education Tags: interview csim k.l. srivastava
I have recently interview Prof. K.L. Srivastava of CSIM Hyderabad for ThinkChangeIndia. Here is the link. Hope this offers insight into the matter that one may be interested in if he/she is considering taking up a course there.   Enojy!
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Unltd India's Third International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship

by Badhri on Oct 19, 2008      Category: Economics & Business Tags: social entrepreneurship
UnLtd, another organization that finds, funds and groom buddy social entrepreneurship is organizing a conference in Chennai in Dec 4-5. While the date seems to be fixed, it seems that everything else is yet to be since more details are not available even at But for the interested, it is a headstart...
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How states rank on Hunger Index-Quickies

by aneeshcs on Oct 19, 2008      Category: Food & Water Tags: food hunger economy
An article in the economic times describes how the states in India rank in terms of an "hunger index". The ISHI measures hunger on three leading indicators and combines them into one index. The three indicators are prevalence of child malnutrition, rates of child mortality and the proportion of people who are calorie deficient.   Co-authored by the International Food Policy Research Institute, ISHI notes that it is indeed alarming that not a single state in India is either low or moderate in terms of their hunger index scores; most states have a ‘serious’ hunger problem, and o
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Education for the Hearing Impaired

by pratishtha on Oct 18, 2008      Category: Health & Disability Tags: disability education hearing impaired
The main objectives of special education given at swardeep sansthan are the same as those of regular education: The optimal development of the individual as a skillful, free and purposefully person, able to plan and manage his own life, and to reach his highest potential as an individual. Since the goals of education are the same for both the normal and the disabled, it is generally agreed that if a handicapped child can manage successfully in an ordinary school he should go there. Teaching the hearing impaired child to talk is indeed a great achievement and helping him speak appears to be one
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One more girl is suffering

by promilav on Oct 18, 2008      Category: Human Rights Tags:
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Who cares if Bangaladesh drowns: Movie preview & interview

by ameetdesh on Oct 17, 2008      Category: Environment Tags: climate change crisis bangaladesh flooding
Interview with director of the movie.  
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