1 click from you = 5000 children's libraries - URGENT Action Needed !

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Got to know of this from a mail by Balaji Sampath, the founder and driving force behind AID, a great organisation that does a lot of great work across India. Please do read through the mail and spread the word to help AID get the AMEX funding.

Message from Balaji Sampath

Dear Friends,

As you know AID INDIA has been working in schools and villages across Tamilnadu to improve the learning quality of children.

Recently American Express announced a project competition and one of our supporters has entered our "Children's Library in a Box" project concept for this competition.

The idea is simple:
Starting Children's libraries in 5000 villages with just a box of books, and a motivated volunteer who ensures that the books are used effectively.

Where children are first generation learners, where their homes have never seen a book before, in those remote villages, this simple project will light up the lives of children with books, story cards, games and experiments.

We need YOUR help!

All the projects on the Amex competition need to be voted on to get selected.

Please vote and nominate this project and make it a reality for 300,000 children in India.

To nominate this project, please use this link and click on "Nominate this project":


If the website does not allow you to view the page directly, then go

and search for: library in a box
Then click on "Nominate this project".

The deadline is on September 1st - only 3 days away. Please help us
reach the target. Our goal is to get at least 5000 nominations for this project.

Your one step can help us raise $1.5 Million and make the 5000 children's libraries a reality.

Thanks for your support.
Balaji Sampath

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