5 ways you can help Samaritan Help Mission - a great NGO in Kolkata

Samaritan Help Mission (SHM) is an NGO doing incredible work in many areas of education, livelihood and vocational training for women and running health care centres.

You can read more about their work here: http://samaritanhelpmission.org/

  1. Donate medicines for the health center - ideally looking for a pharmaceutical company to donate in bulk or recurring basis
  2. Donate for the school. You can donate money towards construction of their school building, or money/in-kind for electrical fittings and furniture (tables/benches) for the school
  3. Donate clothes (old or new) which they will recycle to make articles like handbags, thus creating a livelihood opportunity for women.
  4. Lend your expertise: If you are skilled in fashion design or affiliated fields, you can help them design these recycled articles (like bags). This will help them make better quality goods which will sell easier and for better value.
  5. Volunteer to teach students

    In case you can help in either of these ways, please contact Mamoon ji at

Samaritan Help Mission
127, Noor MD Munshi Lane
Howrah, 711101
West Bengal

Mobile: 9331873584
Office: 91 33 26381901
Fax: 91 33 26381900

Email: information@samaritanhelpmission.org

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