60 Lives, 30 Kidneys, All Linked

by vibhore on Feb 23, 2012      Category: Health & Disability Tags: kidney transplant organ donation

A Good Samaritan kidney donation by a California man began a progression of kidney retrievals and transplants, as 30 donors gave their organs to 30 strangers on behalf of their loved ones (full story).

Simply wow! I was speechless after reading the above story - it's a great mixture of human compassion, modern technology, & medical advancement. It turns out that similar registries do exist in India. Some results from Google:

http://www.dnaindia.com/mumbai/report_kidney-registry-scores-first-success-in-mumbai_1491726 (Successful registry based swap in Mumbai)

http://www.apexkidneyfoundation.org/index.php (Oganization that enabled Mumbai swap)

http://www.transplantindia.com/ (Has some stats & useful links)

http://www.bkfindia.in (TI India foundation, Bangalore supported this organization)

Any other links on such organizations are much appreciated!

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