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From: Balaji Sampath <balajisampath@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 1:59 AM
Subject: Eureka: Adopt a Village
To: eurekaSuperKidz@googlegroups.com

Dear Friends
I want to share with you Ashwini's story - a young girl whose father
deserted her as a baby and who lives in a tiny hut in a small village
with her poor grandmother and her mentally-ill mother.

I first met Ashwini six years ago when she was in Std 4.
Under-confident and unable to read even simple words, Ashwini was
ready to drop out of school.
To help Ashwini learn to read, we trained and appointed Muthulakshmi a
Eureka tutor in her village.   Muthu taught Ashwini every day and
built up her confidence, telling her how she was smart and capable.
Slowly, Ashwini began to read. Over several years, with continuous
support she kept improving.  And this April, Ashwini successfully
passed her 10th Std board exams.

Today, Ashwini writes poetry and has been helping other children in
her village learn to read.   She hopes to get a college degree and
wants to become a teacher and a writer. On Oct 2, Ashwini went with us
to Delhi meet the Prime Minister and receive the Times of India Social
Impact Award.   Ashwini is now writing a book about her Delhi visit
and her  'thrilling experience of flying over clouds’.

Muthu’s efforts has transformed Ashwini’s life.  Muthu and Ashwini
demonstrate how education and continuous support over several years
can transform the lives of the poorest children and help them break
the cycle of inter-generational poverty.

Eureka SuperKidz, a joint project of AID INDIA and Pratham, is
educating 60000 children like Ashwini, in 1000 villages in Tamilnadu.
In each village, we identify, train and appoint 3 local young people
like Muthu as Eureka Tutors. Every day, these tutors conduct 3 hours
of classes in the evening for 60 children from Std 1-8.   Using games
and activities to make learning fun and using a skill chart to track
children’s progress, these Eureka Tutors ensure every child is
learning well. Parents pay a small fee to support half of the tutors’
stipend and this builds strong local accountability and ownership in
the parents.
The annual cost of running this program in a village is Rs. 50000
($1000).  This covers the monthly stipend to 3 village tutors and
individual workbooks and materials for 60 children for an entire year.
We are asking individual donors to adopt one or more villages.  We
send each donor the names of the villages they have adopted and send
them email reports on the progress in their adopted villages every
month.   Last year, several donors visited their adopted villages and
met the tutors and children they are supporting – and some later told
me that they felt like they were meeting their extended family.
I am sure that all the donors who adopted villages last year will
renew their support. Additionally, this year we have expanded the
program and need many more donors to adopt the new villages.
I am hoping you will be able to adopt one or more villages.    You can
either completely adopt one village with Rs. 50000 ($1000) or co-adopt
a village along with a matching patron by donating Rs. 25000 ($500).
You can also part-support the costs for one village.    (We are also
looking for patrons who can support 10 or more villages.)
Please donate by going to www.eurekachild.org/donate(The site provides
various options for both donating online and by check.  Your donations
are tax-deductible in India and the USA.)
Once we get your donation, we will send you names of the specific
villages you have adopted.   From Jan, you will start getting monthly
email reports on your adopted village.
I am sure you will find adopting a village and seeing children learn a
very satisfying and enriching experience.
Looking forward to your support.ThanksBalaji Sampath
ps:  I have also attached a 1 page introduction to Eureka SuperKidz,
which you could share with your friends who might be interested.  More
details on the project and impact evaluation reports are available on
our website:  www.eurekachild.org

Eureka SuperKidz -  An AID INDIA Education Initiative
Website:    http://www.aidindia.in
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eureka-SuperKidz/130989906956059

To adopt a village and educate children,
Contact:  eureka@aidindia.in,  +91-94440-61033, +91-44-28350403

Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is most important that you do it.

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