Ananda Ashram: Oldage home based in Kolkata

by Shreyashi on Oct 21, 2010      Category: Human Rights Tags: elderly old age home aged care
About Anandaashram:
The concept of the old age home has become quite familiar today, but often for the wrong reasons. The idea seems to evoke a sigh of pity which is uncalled for. Firstly, it has been ascertained by social surveys that there need not be any stigma attached to the residents of old age homes and neither do they require our pity. Secondly, many parents of middle class families are neither neglected nor abandoned by their children.
But, in this age of MNCs and FDIs, working professionals today are compelled to move away from home and work in faraway places. The elders of such families often do not wish to live permanently with their children in strange and distant places. Except for visits, they prefer to be live in their own homes.
Ananda Ashram has been set up with the aim of providing home comforts and peace of mind to seniors seeking peace and calm. It is to be run as a non profit institution by the Navoday Association for Promotion of Indian Heritage, a social service organization to provide shelter to people of advanced years who feel stressed out by the daily hassles and troubles of life. The aim is to make them feel they are truly at HOME though in a different residence. Their stay at Ananda Ashram will free them from various worries and pressures and find them a new life with all the basic comforts and care essential for them. They will never feel that Ananda Ashram is a punishment transfer of residence because they have been rejected by society.
It is well known fact that many NRIs have their parents or relatives staying alone in Kolkata or other places in India. Most probably they are a worried group who themselves are helpless for being unable to give company and are left worrying about their near and dear ones in the matter of giving them a SECURED as well as comfortable life without the feeling of loneliness. There are only a very few old age homes who can cater to old people of this group. We are confident to cater this group who have resources but are unable to look after themselves effectively.
Sometimes it is found that children along with their parents are more conscious of the so called stigma of the Old Age Home rather than the COMFORT in the old age and opting for buying expensive flats and making arrangement of enough helping hands to serve them. But it has been found that this is NOT helping the old people to come out of the feeling of LONELINESS. Moreover, the headache of running the house still lies on the old people which money cannot buy and often becomes the target of cheating - even murder. Navoday’s effort is to bring people out of this feeling and realize the difficulties which has to be faced in the old age inspite of having all the resources.
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It is great...where is it situated?

srinka mukherjee's picture

i am 25 years old.for personal reason i want to shelter in your ashram.

R. Mukherjee's picture

Please send me details about location, accommodation, other amenities & facilities, medical help, service help includuding 24 hour personal help, food, transportation, banking, costs for husband & wife etc. Also state whether multistoreyed buildings, lift, generator etc. are available

Isha Mukhopadhyay's picture

i am 25 years old for personal reason i want to shelter in your ashram and want to work with your organization. Please let me know about your criteria.



Isha Mukhopadhyay's picture

I am Isha Mukhopadhyay. I am an electronics engineer and presently doing a job. But i am not satisfied with my current status.Now i am feeling that i have to do something for our country not only for me. So if you please give me an opportunity to work with your organization, i will be very grateful to you.I want to move away from my family.


hi! iam robin mukherjee requesting you to provide me the entire details to take shelter for my 77yrs old "maa" mother(widow),plz im in urgent need!

Isha Mukhopadhyay's picture

I want to take your shelter because of my personal problem. Presently i am very depressed with my current status,and i can't withstand any of my fanily members thats why i want to leave my home. Please do the needful.


plz im in urgent need to provide me the shelter for my 77yrs old widow mother,due to some family unwanted circumstances,im very depressed too

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Hi all. Let me introduce me. Myself Sumanta, A journalist employed with Hindustan Times, Kolkata. I am always starved of the nana- nani affection since my childhood since my dad was not equally established like his elder brothers. His failure in life was showered on me with abuses by my nani, nana and others in the family. But unfortunately when I reached I personal position by my hard work, those who humiliated me all the way along started pampering my parents, And when my parents started singing to their tunes I was humiliated. Quarrels started. But my parents went on supporting them. As a child I was humiliated by my nana- nani, and as a grown up man I am humiliated by my parents. So looking to for a life where I can serve as a free volunteer for an elderly couple, who will at the same time treat me as my son and also as their grandson.

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hi am dr swathi a dentist,,,as am very much interested to spend my life serving old can i get any info to join nd serve fr life long if possible can stay their itself

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My house is being taken by bank .. I have my grandmother 89yrs old my aunt paralysed 65yrs old and my mom mentally retired 58yrs old .. I dont know where to keep them i am in big trouble can any one help me i am from a middle class family i am just 23yrs old girl m help less plz any one help me..

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