Any one requiere voluntary organisation?

by Spruhaa on Sep 19, 2011      Category: Useful Resources Tags: ngo

 Dear All 

I am interetsed to sell the 5 years experienced voluntary organisation registered on 11.05.2006 at Andhra Pradesh. It has the Audit reports, annual reports and updated renewals at Registrar office. Due to personal problems i am selling the organisation. Any one has the interest please contact me on 09866715601. 


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Spruhaa is a voluntary Organisation working for the development of youth and children in rural areas of Prakasam more



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Please post this article

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Please post this article

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where this organization? and how much are you going to sell this.

i know that this audit reports are ok! you are not making this as business right. i guess that was your web site and looks like even that is not working

any way let me know how much planned to sell , a friend of mine who told me there is one org for sale in ongole and this has registred some time in the 2000 he told me let me get the whole thing for 5,000 Rs

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Please see this post, you might want to contact Gaurav

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If you are selling, you do not have any credibility. It means also that you started for money making purpose.

If your organization is meant for social development oriented , you should not be at the point of selling, its like business and you are selling even India one day right

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If any one is selling an NGO with or without FRCA, please contact me

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with FCRA anyone selling in Prakasam district please send an e-mail to me.

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