Are you any different from Nero's guests?

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Recently there was a screening of Nero's guest -

Nero’s Guest was directed by Deepa Bhatia, a story about India's farmer suicides and the growing inequality seen through the work of the Rural Affairs Editor of Hindu newspaper, P Sainath.
Nero was an ancient roman emperor who conducted one of the biggest parties ancient Rome has ever seen. And for the guests to enjoy the beautiful garden, at night Nero brought several prisoners and burned them alive for illumination. The documentary compares the illumination done by Nero with the ruling classes in India who pursued business friendly policies while cruelly neglecting the farmers and the poor. The documentary has shown the pathetic conditions of the families who were forced to suicide due to the humiliation and the harmful policies pursued by the Governments in the interests of the rich countries like US and various European countries. While it took the Finance Minister less than 2 hours to rush to Dalal Street and console the “weeping millionaires” when Sensex plunged, while it took 10 years for the Prime Minister to pay a visit to the family of the suicided farmers. More than 2.5 lakhs farmers have committed suicides in the last 10 years! Same time the Govt has given more than 2 lakh crores “incentives” to the Corporates in the last 2 years! Even the mainstream media completely neglected these and they even created a uproar supporting the Corporate interests when 50,000 crores debt relief was suggested by Govt at the pressure of many farmers’ movements (even this is not yet implemented at the ground level as desired and did not take care of the farmers at the mercy of cruel local money lenders). Still huge population of India is engaged in agriculture (above 50%) and the contribution of which has declined from 52% to 15% in the last 20 years.


The same documentary was also shown at IISc followed by a talk by P Sainath. 1500 people attended the same. Within two days there is a suicide -

The Hindu report says, "While Swami Gowda (35) was found hanging at the farm, his wife Indramma (28) of Valageredoddi hanged herself at their residence. Local people said that Swami Gowda had invested a lot of money and had pledged his wife's jewellery to fund farming activity. It was stated that Swami Gowda was anticipating Rs. 350 a kg of cocoon which, however, collapsed and the market price was pegged around Rs.120 a kg." Swami and Indramma are survived by three children."

What did the Chairman of Central Silk Board have to say to all this during the time of the budget?

Sericulture a profitable venture: Central Silk Board chairman

MYSORE: Emphasising that sericulture is a profitable venture, Central Silk Board chairman Hanumanthappa has said that no sericulture farmer has committed suicide so far. The credit should go to the farmers and scientists for their outstanding progress in the field. The silk production has gone up and it has always been profitable, he said. Speaking at the inauguration of the national conference on sericulture on Friday, he said import of silk from China will not affect India. The quality of silk which is being imported from China is superior (3A grade) and is different from the 2A grade silk produced in India. Hence there will be no problem what so ever, added Hanumanthappa. Imported silk is in great demand in Kanchivaram, Dharmavaram and West Bengal.

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The only coverage for the issue so far has been this -

The report by one of our volunteers on his visit to the village -

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