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Narayanan Krishnan was a bright, young, award-winning chef with a five-star hotel group, short-listed for an elite job in Switzerland. But a quick family visit home before heading to Europe changed everything.

"I saw a very old man eating his own human waste for food," Krishnan said. "It really hurt me so much. I was literally shocked for a second. After that, I started feeding that man and decided this is what I should do the rest of my lifetime."

Krishnan founded his nonprofit Akshaya Trust in 2003. Now 29, he has served more than 1.2 million meals -- breakfast, lunch and dinner -- to India's homeless and destitute, mostly elderly people abandoned by their families and often abused.

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I am a PhD student at the University of Southern California with research interests in robotics. I did my undergraduate studies from IIT Bombay. Being a member of NGO Post is an attempt at doing something for the community that I am a part of.

Most of my posts here are due to Chandni ( more



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Excerpts from -

Americai Narayanan performed the marriage of his daughter on 26th April 2010 and invited Akshaya trust to put up a table in the marriage hall. Naryanan sent a message with his marraige invitation requesting the guests to give the "asirvatham" by way of donations to the trust. The result is the NGO collected rs 3 lakshs as donations from the guest for this good cause.

I am sure the resulting " Punyam ": from all the souls that are being helped will acrue to the young married couple . Every one from the unkown gentleman who brought to my attention the good deed of this Krishnan of Madurai to all the guests from high and mighty to the last person who donated just rs 10 for the cause can feel proud of feeding the forgotten souls of our brothers and sisters in Madurai.

I hope this will motivate others to call an NGO of their choice for any such future marriages where the donations can be channeled to a good cause.


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And now Krishnan is the only Indian in a list of 10 heroes that CNN has picked worldwide to honour. One of them will be chosen CNN Hero of the Year, selected by the public through an online poll. If many Indians get together to vote for this inspiring man, he can win by a long mile.

If Krishnan wins he will get $100,000 in addition to the $25,000 that he gets for being shortlisted for the Top 10. Akshaya Trust needs all the monetary support it can get to build on Krishnan's dream. Let's help him get there.

Vote for Krishnan here. The poll continues through November 18 at 6 a.m. ET.

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