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Dilbur Parakh
Dear Friends,
We are moving in the right direction - towards an educated and brighter India!
This year, we are reaching out to 1200 children in Mumbai and many more as we take our experience and commitment to the tribal regions of Igatpuri. As we build Aseema’s Education Centre for Tribal Children in a remote village in Igatpuri, we need your support. YOU can help Aseema ensure that the highest quality of value-based education reaches India’s most marginalized children. Join us to raise money to build a school for the tribal children of Igatpuri and also for the running of our three schools in Mumbai.
Support the cause that you believe in. Run for Aseema and spread the word about our work.
You can support us by:–
• Encouraging Companies to be our Corporate Sponsors: The Marathon issues a corporate challenge to companies who can either run with a team of 25 or 15 participants on marathon day by registering as a corporate sponsor for an NGO of their choice.
The registration fee for a team of 15 runners is Rs. 2,25,000 of which Rs. 2,00,000 would come to Aseema. The registration fees for a team of 25 runners is Rs. 3,35,000 of which Rs. 3,00,000 would come to Aseema.
Encourage your company to run for the corporate challenge for Team Aseema. Please provide us with the relevant information as soon as possible. As the number of spots are limited and the causes many, it would be helpful to have the information immediately. Our children will benefit tremendously from the time and thought you set aside for this purpose.
• Registering in the ‘Dream’ category: The special “Dream” category is for highly motivated individuals who feel passionately about their cause and who are committed to raising a substantial amount towards it.
You can be registered as a Dream Maker, Dream Wizard or a Dream Champion to raise funds from a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 10 lakhs and above. The registration fee is Rs. 10,000, Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 50,000 respectively.
• Running for Team Aseema: You may participate in the Dream Run (6km).
The registration fee for the Dream Run participants is Rs. 500. All funds raised through pledges would come to Aseema. As the number of seats is limited and available through a ballot process, we urge you to contact us regarding the registration before 30 August 2010. The running numbers will only be confirmed by 30 September 2010.
• Sponsoring the budding Sports Champs at Aseema through pledges: The Sports Champs are Aseema’s budding Sportspersons who will be participating in the Dream Run (6 km). You can support their run by raising pledges for them.
For further details on the Marathon you can visit or call Natasha Albuquerque in our office on 2640 7248 / 2643 0185 or write to .
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