Available for Free: 1360 Sarees & Cloth Material for Shirts, Pants & Salwar Kameez

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Dear NGOs,
Samhita and Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy invite you to experience 'Cuisine for a Cause' - events around a new cookbook featuring individuals from the non-profit sector. Entry to this event on 29th Dec from 3:30 to 5:30 pm at The Bombay Store in Fort is free.
For details, visit http://twitpic.com/7z5awh
And now I'll expand on this mail's subject line...
Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, one of India's largest jewellery brands, has decided to gift new, unused sarees and cloth material for salwar kameez, shirts and pants to women and men living in under-served communities.
We at Samhita are helping TBZ identify NGOs through which these generously-offered items can be distributed.
Up for donation are 1360 sarees, 234 pant pieces, 58 shirt pieces and material for 14 salwar kameezes.
If your NGO would like to give any of the above items to your beneficiaries, let us know the following:
- Your NGO name, office address and contact details, and website URL
- Whom exactly do you want to give the sarees/cloth material to, and why?
- Mention the location(s) of the beneficiaries you want to give these items to.
- What is the mininum and maximum number of items you need for each garment?
Cloth material for salwar kameez
Cloth material for shirts
Cloth material for pants
TBZ has offered to deliver the items for free to locations in Bombay. We can discuss costs (if any) for NGOs outside of Bombay, if and when they are selected.
Please send your responses to each of the above questions at chandni@samhita.org by 2nd Jan.

- Chandni

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