Available for Free for NGOs in Delhi: 20 Solar-Powered Lamps

by Chandni on Feb 16, 2012      Category: Others Tags: npsbm

Mail me at chandni@samhita.org by 23rd Feb if you are based in Delhi and would like to receive the free solar-powered lamps.

- Chandni
From: Marcus
Date: Wed, Feb 15, 2012
Subject: 20 solar powered lamps - to be given away in Delhi.
Hi Chandni,


I have been left in the possession of 20 solar powered Lamps made by Barefoot power. http://barefootpower.com/barefoot-products/firefly/firefly-mobile-lamp


I am leaving India in 2 weeks and want to make sure they go to villages or homes that would find these a great life improvement. I have so far given some kits to the Local Dhobi and tailor and now they work late into the evening. I don’t want anyone to make money from them but to go to those who need them.


Do you know a worthwhile group who will get these lamps to the unfortunate and needy? I need a group who are totally trustworthy and will get them out there. A light like this could make a real difference if it finds a nice home. 


Thanks for your help and for forwarding this mail to groups that might be interested in collecting these lamps from me.



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