Bangalore Marathon - Supporting Hippocampus Reading Foundation

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I am very excited to be running the Bangalore International Midnight
Marathon on December 10th this year! I am supporting Hippocampus Reading
Foundation, an NGO which seeks to empower the underprivileged children
through education. We've
all got to where we are thanks to education. Here's an opportunity to
give back.
Please contribute absolutely ANY amount to my cause.
It will go a long way in helping them! And yes, if you
like what Hippocampus is doing - please spread the word!

Warm regards,


About the project: Launch kindergarten and primary education centres in 100 villages by June 2012.

One time establishment costs for kindergarten centre Rs.1,35,000

One time cost for a primary education centre Rs.1,60,000

Teacher training costs for one woman in a village Rs.5,000

Annual fees for one child in Kindergarten Rs.1,800

Annual fees for one child in primary education centre Rs.900

"The centres are providing good quality education to our village
children. Our children can now compete with the city children. What city
children learn in one year, our children learn in 4 months" - Parashiva
Murthy, Panchayat member, Mandya, Local leader who has been observing
the centres.

About: We promote reading for underprivileged children through the
creation of libraries and librarian training. We aim to change the way
children learn in rural India through education centres that are run
after school hours. The centres also create livelihood opportunities for
young women in villages through teacher training.

Contact: Lily Paul 09845163865



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