Be the Change - Come Alive Event, Oct 2, Bombay or Pune

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The Social Leadership Program of the Akanksha Foundation and Teach for India have arranged a special programme to celebrate the 140th birth anniversary of the Mahatma. A unique morning of doing, of meeting others, of discovering ways to come alive for a cause. Let’s all COME ALIVE!

Here is how it works:

1.    By the 25th of September, choose an activity you are passionate about and sign up for the day...

3.    Invite activity “experts” to join your group, inform Mansi about them. For example, if you are passionate about art, dance or theatre, an expert dancer, artist or actor. 

6.    Spend the next few hours doing what excites you. Step out of your comfort zone, and interact with people you don’t usually spend time with. Have fun and make it a meaningful experience for everyone.

7.    End with an hour-long reflection led by your group facilitator.

How are our leaders at SLP coming alive???

“Playing with colors..That what makes me come alive”

– Shirajul

“We want to sing to our hearts content and come alive”

– Naheeda & Sangeeta

“Football...Playing football especially in the rain...that should make me come alive”

- Dheeraj

“Getting lost in my favorite book..I will come alive “



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Exhibition of NGO Akanksha's Products, Dec 20, Bombay

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