Bhartiya Yog Sansthan organized conference in Phagwara

Bhartiya Yog Sansthan organized Conference in Phagwara.


Aug 19, 2009 (Rajneesh Madhok), Today the conference has been organized by Bhartiya Yog Sansthan at Arya Model Senior Secondary School, Phagwara in which Bharitya Yog Sansthan Delhi Prantiya Mantri (Provincial Minister) Sh. Jawahar Lal , Akhil Bahrtiya Sangathan Mantri (All India Coordination Minister) Sh. Rai Singh and Sh Hari Dev Bagga, Pradhan Punjab Prant (President Punjab Province) offered some thought provoking comments on the subject of Yoga.


Shri Jawahar Lalji delivered lecture on Pranayama and told that the Panayam word is the combination of two words Prana & Ayama. He said that Prana is the vital force which pervades the whole cosmos. He said that Prana is more subtle than air and can be defined as the energy essence that is within everything in the universe.


While delivering the lecture he guided the process of breathing when air is inhaled, he described air as prana. He said this is related to the ingestion of oxygen in to the alveoli and the other to the ingestion of the nervous energy into the brain system. He described that Ayama means to control or to give a rhythm or a definite flow. In this sense Pranayama may be defined as a process and technique through which vital energy can be stimulated and increased.


He said that most of us largely depend on the natural process of inhalation and exhalation. He said we should inhale slowly and exhale equally slowly in this process we fill our lungs with more oxygen. If we follow the theory of our forefathers that God has given us the capital of limited Shwas (Inhale and exhale). So, we come to the point by applying the power of mind we can save the Shwas ki poonji (Capital of inhale and exhale).


He told that our brothers and sisters are practicing Yoga exercises by following dictation by viewing TV programmes and they people don’t care that they are doing the Pranayama exercise under a fan or in Air Cooled / Air Conditioned rooms. Kindly note that Pranayam should be done in morning hours preferably before the dawn and in fresh air. He said the TV viewing sadhaks don’t care about the time of performing Pranayama. One should not sit for Pranayama after meals.


While describing benefits of Pranayama He said that by inhaling fresh air a man take certain amount of  energy or Prana from the atmosperic air along with each breath. He described that a man takes fifteen breaths in a minute. So, the total number of breaths comes out to  21600 times per day.


He said we keep on eating and don’t care how much we can digest. When we keep on thrusting the food without giving much time to digest the previously eaten food. Due to overeating and not giving much intervals in intake of food quite a large number of problems on health point develops. We should fill 50% of our stomach and keep 25% empty for water and 25% empty for air (The Pran Shakti). He gave example of tortoise that he takes breath after a long time. Our saints have developed the idea that due to this reason the life of tortoise is 150-200 years. So, we should also inhale with force and try to keep our lungs full with oxygen and try to inhale and exhale slowly.  He described the formula that by sitting we take breath 12 times in a minute, while walking we take 18, while sleeping 24 and by doing sexual intercourse we inhale and exhale 64 times in a minute. So, we should develop moral characters and try to save the capital of breath (Sanson ki poonji). Set your target to live for 100 years at least without any sort of health problems and complications. Adopt the path of yoga.


Mr. Rai Singh, Akhil Bhartiya Sangathan Manti,(Coordination Minister) stressed on the need of regular performance of yoga exercises. He said that if we don’t do regular yogic exercises then the flexibility of the body will not develop. We should perform yoga exercises fully stretching our body and while relaxing we should make our body fully relaxed. We should not perform the exercises in a haste and should stay at the final posture at least for a few minutes. He described why our generation is coming in the cluthes of diabeties. He said when our pancreas don’t perform properly then the problem of diabeties develop. In Yoga we the job of Pancreas that fails to develop insulin naturally is being performed with yogic exercises. We should take food for living, but it looks as we are living for taking food.


He said that I am disappointed to note in a book that 95% ladies in urban areas nowadays have to go for caesarian operation at the time of delivery and only in 5% cases the normal delivery of babies are being performed. If they perform yoga exercises daily then I am sure that the problem that has developed at such a large scale will drastically come down.


Sh. Hari Dev Bagga is leading meditation teacher and is President, Punjab Province of Bhartiya Yog Sansthan stressed on meditation.In his workshop Mr. Hari Dev Bagga explored the power of mantra and sound in asana practice. He guided  Sadhaks (students)  how chanting can extend the breath and open pathways to the inner world. He spoke on the philosophy of meditation and the paths of yoga. He stressed that one can experience meditation with the company of a master. So, if the people want to get the benefit of meditation then they should come to the morning and evening classes organized by Bhartiya yog Sansthan. He said In Bhartiya Yog Sansthan we don’t take money  or offerings in any shape. It is totally free. So, we try to turn the human behaviour towards spiritual inner value. Ours is an NGO- Non Government Organization and its goals is to “Sarve bhawantu sukhiney, sarve santu niramyaha” Every body become happy, many people become happy, He described our mind is like a kid. As kid move this way to that in the same way our mind does not concentrate it keep on moving this way to that. Meditation is the art of concentration of mind. We think that our mind is stable. But mind does not get stable. We don’t remain in present. Either we used to think about the past or about future. Most of the time the negative thoughts keep on striking on our mind. He said that the first stage of meditation is to sit quite. As we can see the reflection of our face in the tumbler when there is no movement in the water. So, he taught the way in which we can sit calm during meditation. He described five stages of meditation.


The stage was organized by Mr. Vishv Bandhu Sudhir. Madam Manisha started the programme with Om Recital. Madam Nirmala Devi recited Bhajans. Mrs. Neelam Chopra recited Shanti Path. A number of dignitaries participated in the prograame. Among them Mr. Anil Kochar, Distt. President, Bhartiya yog sansthan, Mr. Sandeep, Centre Incharge, Bhartiya Yog Sansthan, Mr. Surinder Singh, Mr. Yagya Dutt Sharma, Rajneesh Madhok, Mr. Dev Centre Incharge, Bhartiya yog Sansthan, Mr. Rakesh Sharma of Sharma Watch participated in the function.


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