Can you help us reduce urban water wastage?

We at TRUSTT, are striving to find simple, scalable, affordable and effective technical solutions to social problems. One such quest resulted in a simple foot operated sink tap, which can be retrofitted to any sink tap in less than 10 minutes. This foot tap assists us in controlling, thereby reducing water wastage (upto 70%) while shaving, brushing or washing. The normal tendency of keeping the water running owing to our inability to operate the tap because our hands are occupied, results in huge wastage of precious potable water. Saving water indirectly saves power at residences (lesser pumping to overhead tanks) and also to the state (large amouts of electricity is consumed in purifying and pumping it to your house).


There are several other methods of saving/conserving water and a foot tap is one such. But this method may be more generic and affordable than several others.


A foot tap also helps in preventing the spread of deadly diseases like Swine Flu (H1N1), Hepatitis A and Influenza. One of the methods of transmission of these diseases is when we touch public taps like in restaurants, urinals etc where many touch these taps but are rarely cleaned.


Why touch a dirty tap handle when you have just scrubbed your hand clean?


Seeking the co-operation of all eco-conscious people.



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I am an inventor looking at self help techniques involving simple and practical technology as a means to solving social more



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Thanks for the encouraging words.

Right now the distribution is single point, thru TRUSTT (Bangalore). We would be eager to tie up with others for a wider network. The ordering can be done either through the above mentioned e-mail or phone number.

For those who order by mail and are outside the support network of TRUSTT, the website carries the simple installation instructions too.

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Can you list the places where this is installed and running? (pref for the longest period)
And the cost vis-a-vis say Infrared based taps.

Very interesting innovation!!

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appropriate technology at its best - simple but so much sense! my sincere compliments. I have seen a foot tap in only one place in bangalore (in newbridge business centre in koramangala) but it was a regular steel one which would need plumbing and possibly be expensive too. whereas that is a good solution for commercial buildings with proper prior planning, a quick retrofit solution will encourage mass adoption.

what are your distribution channels? where can one buy such taps? Is it by calling +91 80 9620483436 or e-mailing (got these from the website but no explicit instructions on how to order)

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A general note: why is there widespread poverty, even lack of drinking water in India?

I live in the UK and even refugees in UK (most of whom do not have a job) live in comfortable houses (all with clean drinking water, electricity, gas), lead a very comfortable life and almost everyone has at least one car and drive even to shop. Even people with little or no salary in the UK have televisions, heaters, cookers, DVD players, games consols, other gadgets etc.

Perhaps poverty is related to the amount of energy resources available consumed such as oil, gas, coal etc? That still does not explain why there is no running water for many people in India and China.

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We have extensively tested and refined the product for more than 9 months. We started installations 4 months ago and we have about 200+ installations in Bangalore and is being used by commercial (hotels, hospitals, medical testing labs) and residences (apartments upto 8th floor and independent villas). All our references have been word-of-mouth which speaks for the reliability, utility and feel-good-factor of the foot tap.

The cost of 'Watermiser' foot tap is just Rs.700 (model with PP foot pedal). The installation (very simple) in Bangalore is done by our volunteers. By comparison a commercial foot tap (mechanical) is priced at Rs.3500.
An IR tap, essentially has more snob value and is not an after market, retrofit product which is where 'WaterMiser' foot taps are positioned. So a comparison on any front would be unfair.

Innovation! - Thanks, but we may not be deserving of such a strong accolade.
After identifying the importance & utility of a foot tap, we scoured the market & realized that it was too expensive and scarce for mass implementation. So what we set out to achieve was re-think and re-engineer an existing product and make it cheaper, easier to install and simplify the whole thingamajig.

We feel we have achieved our core goals. Now its fate & the resulting benefit is dependent on the conscience & social commitment of the people.

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About 3-4 months ago, I ordered this tap and wanted to share my experience with all the readers. So the concept is a great one and the design is very simple - the foot pedal operates a lever which opens up a valve to let the water through to the tap. The only issue is that the material used is all very weak plastic which couldn't withstand the pressure of water and the valve ruptured within a week of installation, creating a fountain in my bathroom. The team promised to have it replaced and the volunteer-plumber arrived promptly next weekend, but the second tap went the same way. So they took back both and I was told that my 750rs would be refunded soon, but I haven't heard from anyone despite many reminders in the last 2-3 months . I am trying hard not to feel cheated.

Hi Chetan and watermisers team,
My intention is not to publicly malign your effort, which once again I believe is a great one, but the complete lack of response to phone calls/sms'es/emails have left me with no other forum to reach you through but this one. Hope I will hear from you soon.

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