change your pirated Windows to Genuine Windows !!

by prashantpandit80 on Nov 19, 2009      Category: Appropriate Technology Tags:

i checked with the bigteam team on whether the mentioned windows 7 can be used as a clean install or whether it was only an upgrade. and it is the full OS install not just an upgrade !!!

the problem with upgrades is that one needs a genuine windows license before they can upgrade that software to better versions. and so far bigtech had been offering only upgrades of XP and Vista. with windows 7, they seem to have the full OS.

now is the chance to get genuine licenses !! there are ways to check whether a installed windows copy is genuine or not. so check it and if its not, then now you know where to go.

also, i have been trying out microsoft office 2007 for the last couple of weeks and im very impressed with the tons of design templates that it has. so i can type out a document as always but then with a click or two, the look and feel can be totally changed to a real professional report. hmm. ofcourse i also export it to pdf to complete the loop ;)



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ubuntu by the way takes as much resources as win xp or win 7

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You could always go for legally free opensource distros of Linux - Ubuntu I recommend highly!:) You will be blown away by its power!!!

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i have tried it on my laptops. you say power and that is one of the things which is not right on laptops yet. my sony vaio doesnt shut down correctly with all versions of ubuntu and i really dont have the time to fine tune my ubuntu distribution to my hardware profiles.
but i really look forward to chrome OS. their intro blog is like a obama speech - full of hope.

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Ubuntu - +1

But Microsoft is guru of marketing. Win 7 is Vista polished here and there.

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