City schools to fight global warming-Kolkata-Cities-The Times of India

by aneeshcs on Mar 24, 2008      Category: Environment Tags: climate environment ecology

Global non-government organisation World Wildlife Fund for Nature conducted workshops in Calcutta for school children to raise awareness about the threat of global warming.Students of five schools — Carmel High, La Martiniere for Boys, Birla High, St James and Mahadevi Birla — inspired by these workshops, have begun chalking out strategies to reduce carbon emission by saving energy.

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I have been interested in working in projects that helps others for some time! NGOpost has given me an avenue to realize this interest in a practical way. I have done my undergrad in Engg. from IIT-Madras and masters from IISc. Currently pursuing a Ph.D. in U.C.S.D. Born and brought up in bangalore, more



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small steps go a long way! sensitizing and engaging today's children (future decision makers) will be key for long-lasting change

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WoW that is good, I wonder if these people do conduct workshops in Bangalore as well.

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