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Climate Savers Computing Initiative has launched its India Chapter.

The India Chapter of Climate Savers Computing intends to encourage the development of more energy efficient computing devices by manufacturers and at the same time educate organizations and individuals in smart practices of power management.

India Chapter has the backing of Dell, Intel, HP, Google, WWF (World Wildlife Fund), TERI (The Energy and Resource Institute), CII-ITC Centre of Excellence For Sustainable Development, MAIT (Manufacturers' Association for IT Development), and NASSCOM.

India is the world's sixth largest producer and consumer of electricity. According to various estimations, roughly 6.5 million new desktop and notebook PCs will begin operation in the country this year, bringing the total number of computers in use to about 47 million.

"Apart from power saving modes and features available on current PCs, not many users realize that about 50 per cent of the machine's power consumption is heat loss not contributing to the operation of the machines," said Lorie Wigle, president of the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. "So, as we expand our efforts with a new team based in India, we are pleased to have leading hardware manufacturers on board who can help drive a holistic combination of energy efficient, ENERGY STAR compliant product deployment alongside driving changes in user behavior."

The Climate Savers Computing Initiative is a nonprofit group of eco-conscious consumers, businesses and conservation organizations dedicated to reducing the energy consumption of computers. More than 475 companies and organizations have joined the Initiative since its launch in June 2007, and thousands of individuals have pledged their support. The Initiative is led by CSC, Dell, Google, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, and World Wildlife Fund. Sponsors include 1E, Acer Inc., Advanced Micro Devices Inc., Delta Electronics, Inc., Faronics, Fujitsu Limited, Hitachi Ltd., Intuit, NEC Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Inc., Super Micro Computer Inc., Symantec, Verdiem Corporation.

For more information, you can visit their website

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