Cooperation Between India and Pakistan Should Be Based On Liberal Values

Every effort that had been made by India and Pakistan on resolving their outstanding issues have been marred with the selfish and closed handed approach by both the states and hence, the responsibility is on both the sides equally. Providing better economic growth through Indo-Pak economic cooperation would give a broader ground for both to feel secure economically and not opposed to each other’s welfare. Being neighbouring countries, it is a demand without any asks for it, since each is afflicted with the menace of terrorism. To stop these terrorist threats to persist there has to be a joint-venture not only in the talks held during the meetings but more so practically on the ground to remove any trace in the future to resonate.

It is in the interest of both the countries to cooperate not only politically, but economically and societally with the vast heritage of common culture and history, sharing the same land of the Indus Valley civilisation. There is no clash of interest at the national or regional levels as according to me both are complimentary rather than conflicting. Each has resources enough to raise them to the level of being counted as the most developed region in the world from the least developed region with the highest rates of illiteracy and people below the poverty line. The issues of health and education should be the prime agenda and not compromised on the excuse of political differences. Because political differences then become societal indifferences with no care for those who deserve to get the best and the most from the relationship Indians and Pakistanis could foster to levitate their combined strength of economics and human resources. These resources need to be invested in bringing a brighter future than dwelling on the hostile past.

There is a whole range of possibilities both India and Pakistan can avail through strengthening their trade relations by removing trade barriers, by providing further opportunities for economic activities between the two states to grow for the benefit of the common man, and by cooperating together for environmental friendly measures. Thus, creating a route for peace and harmony in South Asia and also for the world to acknowledge and be inspired by their example. There is an essential demand to improve the situation in South Asia with especially both India and Pakistan moving ahead from their drastic past animosity towards understanding and cooperation. Thus, through behaving or conducting their diplomatic relations on liberal values, both India and Pakistan can mutually cooperate to achieve regional integration in South Asia.


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