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The Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM), Bangalore announces the commencement of the sixth batch of the part-time   Social Entrepreneurship Outlook Programme.

Commencement date: 9th January, 2010

Duration of the programme: 4 months of classroom sessions and NGO internship + 1 month of project work.

Target audience: NGO founders, staff, trustees, social change agents in corporates, academic institutions and active volunteers

Course objectives:

Ø      To introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship

Ø      To show the potential of social entrepreneurship to address organisational and resource challenges

Ø      to orient socially conscious individuals to the opportunities and needs in the social sector and social entrepreneurship as a means to make social work practice sustainable and effective

Classes: Every Saturday between 3 to 5 pm; NGO internship – minimum 3 hours per week

Batch size: 20

Class venue: Mission Road, Bangalore


Ph. 25635398/ 9886 833 665


The Center for Social Initiative & Management, CSIM, a business school for social service professionals, reaches the concept of social entrepreneurship and the skills associated with it to many individuals in the country.  CSIM first started in Chennai in the year 2000 and spread to Hyderabad in 2002, Mumbai in 2005 and Bangalore in 2007. 

While CSIM is aware that tackling poverty is the long-term goal that requires a multi-pronged approach, it also knows about the power of individuals to make a difference. CSIM doesn't disburse money, it shapes people. Through people, CSIM promotes a more creative and lasting solution to global problems like poverty and inequality. CSIM tackles disadvantage by equipping people with the skills needed to transform local communities and national economies. CSIM supports and trains prospective social entrepreneurs and innovators in social change, to transform their visions into action

The Centers, through innovative learning programs encourage individual initiative, mould social change ideas of socially conscious persons and engage diverse stakeholders groups in the process of becoming socially conscious.  CSIM has also created support systems in the form of Social Action Group, Entrepreneurship Learning Club and Volunteering Initiative which involves working professionals, students and independent volunteers to encourage and partner with budding Social Entrepreneurs of CSIM.

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I am a proud alumni of CSIM. Ping me at ashwin [dot] arya [at] if u have any queries :)

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