Create Marketing Linkages for Rural Communities

1. Project Description :

Smart Rural Aggregation Platform- A Joint Project of IBM India & Drishtee Foundation

IBM and Drishtee have collaborated to launch a joint project, called Smart Rural
Aggregation Platform (SRAP), under Celebration of Service program in IBM’s
Centennial Year.

Goal of the Project:
To usher rural transformation and support economic development & social upliftment of
population at the bottom of the pyramid

SRAP will implement
IBM’s Smarter Planet concept to transform villages into SMARTER VILLAGE that is
instrumented, interconnected & Intelligent; and,Drishtee’s vision to build sustainable communities in rural India and make marginal communities efficient, self sufficient & equitable using their 4 C Framework of
Community, Channels, Capacity & Credit

2. Project Objectives/Goal :

    Identify various potential service providers (Prospective Employers, Vendors, Manufacturers,   Banks, Agriculture universities, Placement agencies etc.) for Drishtee – IBM Livelihood and Agricultural services.
    Establish link between potential service providers and Drishtee Project team.

3. Project Deliverables :

    Marketing plan to approach service providers
    List of potential service providers
    Help Project team to finalize the agreement with Service provider and get registered in IBM software

4. Other Important Factors :

a.  Intern Work Location :        
Noida Office and Project Site

b. Mandatory Language : English / Hindi
English and Hindi

c. Resources :                

d.  How many hours per week will this position require?
9*5=45 hours per week

5. Qualifications :

a. Education qualifications :
MBA (Prefer specialization in Marketing)

b. Experience :
0-2 years

c. Skills & Interests:
Knowledge of Rural India, Knowledge of Agriculture and Livelihood services

6. Value proposition for the intern/volunteer:

In depth exposure and  good practical knowledge of rural communities and Certification

7. Expenses :

a) Stipend: No
b)Accommodation & Meals : No
c)Travel Allowance:  Yes, as per the HR guidelines
d) MISC: N/A

8. Monitoring & Evaluation :
By daily reporting and meeting with Drishtee Block team

To Appy :

Interested candidates email Cvs along with covering letter to

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