Delhi-based NGO NIRNAY to open a Call Centre

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NIRNAY, a Delhi-based NGO that provides a learning shelter to under privileged women and children, is coming up with a call centre in an effort to educate people on how they can be of help to those in need. The call centre, which is expected to be operational by December beginning, will aim to raise funds for the education of over 110 people who are currently enrolled in various tutorial and vocational programmes at NIRNAY.

Besides donating money, donors will also have an option of taking the responsibility of sponsoring a child’s education. According to Mrs. Rachna Kapoor, Founding Director of NIRNAY, “This call centre will not only work towards getting maximum possible donations for the NGO but will also keep the donors updated on the progress of the kid they sponsor.” Sponsoring a child’s education will be regarded as adoption. The method of adoption will be only through cash payment which can be done monthly, quarterly or annually depending on the donor’s convenience. This money will be spent on providing learning material and food for children as well as the equipment required to provide vocational training to the women.

At present NIRNAY is conducting Mathematics Tuition, English Language Training as well as vocational courses such as tailoring, embroidery and child care. It also gives tuition and home work assistant to school going children. The organization, which started operations on July 2, 2007 under the leadership of Mrs. Rachna Kapoor, aims to help women become self-reliant and support children from the slums to study and realize their real potential.

NIRNAY’s endeavor is to improve the human condition and make this a better world to live in. According to Mrs. Kapoor, “'NIRNAY provides the right to education to all; irrespective of caste, creed or gender. It also follows the principles of basic education as per the Gandhian philosophy which says that education is not restricted to reading and writing but also to learn how to live.”

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I am a little confused. Is the "call center" a telephone operator (just one or two people I guess) for NIRNAY, or is it like a regular "call-center" business providing customer service on behalf of other companies?

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It would be nice to train women/men of organizations such as Nirnay/Jagruthi which are based in big cities. Training them for english may take time, but for hindi or local language calls may be easier. Considering that the rural part of India is getting very well connected through technologies, and also the fact that cell phones are used by the most common man who may only know hindi and the local language, it might be worth training these men/women for call center jobs. Better still, would be if these orgs can actually build a call center for them. Maybe there are such call centers already I am not sure.

(The Nirnay article is a little consusing indeed. The link does not seem to work. Came across this one:


MADAD WELFARE SOCIET is an delhi based National NGO and we invited to domestic call center for fund raising. related org. /center plz contact urgently

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