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Samhita plans to organize an event depicting the story of the challenges faced by an underprivileged girl/women during her lifetime. The objective of the event is to create awareness and raise support for NGOs working for the upliftment of girls and women.


This one day event will ideally depict the sorry state of girls in India and will also celebrate moments of joy and happiness.

We wish to weave a meaningful and inspiring story by means of several performances. Possible performance tracks listed below:

 - Plays: If you are part of (or know) a theatre group that wants to perform to create awareness about a social cause we would love to partner with you.   

 - Documentaries: Short films are the best means of putting across a message to a large audience. We would want to feature documentaries/ short films that carry a social message and inspires people to respect and support girls and women. If you are a filmmaker or you know someone please do get in touch.

 - Song performances: What would you want to listen to? Bollywood? Rock? Jazz? Classical? Do let us know your choice of music. If you are a singer/ part of a rock band/ know someone who does, do get in touch with us. A band that could promote a social message through their music would be nice.

 - Dance performances: If you are a choreographer or a dance artist who'd want to dance to the tune of a social cause, the stage is all set for you.

 - Other performances: Poetry recitals, Book reading, Stand-up comedy, Musical performances, etc.

We look forward to your suggestions and proposals to make this event a huge success. The event will be in Mumbai and 100% ticket proceeds from the event will go to verified NGOs in a completely transparent manner. The event is scheduled in October 2011 

We are also looking for companies to sponsor the event venue and other expenses.

For any further queries/ suggestions/ ideas write to

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It's interesting to know such initiatives please go ahead & invite initiatives from outside advanced countries through the donor facilities so that people can throw ideas for the betterment at large.

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