Donating mattresses, etc. for animal shelters

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From: Monika Mehta Siriya <>
Date: 1 December 2010 18:40
Subject: Winter donations of mattresses for animal shelters

Dear All,
Winters are here, we all know how many animals esp puppies die in our shelters due to the cold. This may be prevented if we put mattresses, cushions, blankets, etc for the animals in our shelters. NGO Goonj ( makes these cushions for poor people in rural India esp for the winters and gives it to them mostly in return of any developmental work that those people do for their own benefit. Goonj's Founder Mr. Anshu Gupta was progressive enough to agree to donate them to animal shelters too, when I spoke to him about the plight of animals.

You are therefore kindly requested to make a list of the requisite items that might be required at the shelters or hospitals and mail it to Goonj to follow up as they can. Before that, please visit their website to see - what kinds of materials they can contribute and the locations that they can reach to, in India. Some animal organisations have already availed mattresses from Goonj, so please write in to them.

You may also put this list in front of your OPD department or at other strategic locations in the shelter/hospital and on your website, for a few weeks before you send it to Goonj, as this might itself fulfill the requirements.

In return, you may also organise collection drive for Goonj in your NGO where people can donate their old clothes, etc. Goonj primarily collects unutilized materials like old clothes, toys, utensils, etc from urban homes and reassigns them to the needy in rural areas.

To assist in creating a lists of items, I am writing about the two suggestions that I gave to Goonj – 1. to give mattresses, cushions, blankets to shelters located in cold regions or regions that experience strong winters as animals die of the cold and 2. to give toys for animals to ease their stay in the shelters and also for the young ones of animals (like pups and kittens) when they are in the teething stage. Others could be cloth pieces for cleaning purposes, bowls, medicines, etc.

Please circulate this mail amongst your networks. Please ignore if you do not need / are not a shelter/hospital, or have received this email again, as I couldnt sieve through the huge list of email-ids that I found on the website &

GOONJ details-
Tel.- 011-26972351/41401216 (Delhi)


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