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Date: 4 December 2011
Subject: About: for medical fund

Date: 28.11.2011

appeal from a Father and Mother for his daughter {Shraddha Sachin Dengle}
Father: Mr.Sachin Trambakrao Dengle Mother: Mrs.Vaishali Sachin Dengle

Dear Sir / Madam, I am Mr.Sachin Trambakrao Dengle {38, Wiremen ? Maharashtra
State Electricity Board} since last 4 years having a middle class background
family. In my family the members is as follows. 1} Mother ? Shobha Trambakrao
Dengle {55, Widow} 2} Brother ? Mr.Mahendra Trambakrao Dengle {32, Working in
private firm - Married} 3} 2 Sisters ? Married {Neeta and Chandrakala} 4}
Grandmother - 75

Father ? Late Mr.Trambakrao Vitthalrao Dengle {M.S.E.B. ?
WIREMEN} was accidental death occurred in the year of 26/01/2006, Accident was
took {17/06/2004} near Gaike petrol pump, pimpalgaon {baswant}, Tahsil-Niphad,
Dist. ? Nasik. Heavy dash between bricks truck and ambulance, where we shift my
father from our village Vadalibhoi to Nasik Hospital for treatment on shoulder
injury and color bone damage {First accident} , due to heavy injury near neck,
spinal cord damage{second accident occurred due to truck and ambulance}. After
one year he was seems to bed soles and no movement of body parts below neck
side. All the activity such as feeding, latrine, exercise, medicine, done by my
mother, brother and sisters for a long time for his aliveness for that in one

Sir / Madam, I have one daughter Shraddha Sachin Dengle {4years old},
after my father death she {1 and Half years old} also have a minor fever attack
which causes his hearing organism {both right and left ear} are getting lost.
Now she did not hear any noise created by naturally or artificially. We shown
to her ear specialist and they conclude that she could not able to hear due to
internal organ of ear was damage and getting hard with formation of bone in
internally. We lift her to each and every ear specialist but they conclude the
same. We again request to the doctors for any other idea to her hearing,
doctors told us there is one operation for ear system could be restarted when
operation could be done. There is a possibility to adopt artificial equipment
for her hear system. For that purpose require huge amount of say 8 lacks rupees.

Sir / Madam, we are belonging to middle class family and my annual
income is of 1.2 lacks only and I have load of family for day to day activity.
I could not able to arrange this huge amount for her operation. So I humble to
request for beg for arranging this huge amount for her operation. If you are
arranging the amount her ears can hear all the activity and her expression
against speech will be recover.

Doctors also told us that operation should be
done in these 3 months after that the bone of ear will be increased and she
could not be operated and the she could not hear for her whole life. Sir /
Madam, We arranging the sum of around 1 lacks from our relatives and friends
the rest of 7 lacks amount could not able to arrange due to our financial
condition is poor, because around 2 to 3 lacks rupees are being utilized in our
fathers operation when he was alive {for spinal cord operation} and this amount
also we gathered from our side, relatives and friends.

How can we arrange this
amount without your kind support? Can my daughter again hear? Can my daughter
lost for her whole life? How can she hear our voice? Without your kind support
we could not do anything? Please forward this humble request from a father and
mother for his daughter for saving her life. We requested you to support us
regarding this matter, Hope you will also hear our voice for humble request for
this operation.

We will submit the entire document? s related to her operation
like bill amount, her previous treatment, medical certificates, whose going to
operate {doctors}. So that you will trust us. God bless you,

Thanking you in
anticipation, Truly your?s, Sachin Trambakrao Dengle Vaishali Trambakrao Dengle


 Name:                 Sachin
Trambakrao Dengle

 Location:             vadali
bhoi tahsil chandwad dist nashik 423117

 Email:   mahendra_dhengle@yahoo.co.in

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