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From: "Siriya, Chintan" <>

Dear all,

We all always wanted to know how our contribution makes a difference in someone’s life. Soma is doing a phenomenal and unconventional work in getting drop outs from slums admitted to school. She has already got 8-10 children readmitted from Borivali Kulupwadi slums. I have personally seen her dedication towards educating these fellows and can vouch for her commitment as well. So all those for whom educating an underprivileged matters can come forward to support, no matter how small is your contribution. Pls find more details as below or contact Soma.

P.S. You can also meet and track the progress of the child you support or Soma can update you regularly on this.

Thanks & Warm Regards

Chintan Siriya

From: Joshi, Soma

Hi Chintan,

Please find below the sample site created for getting the sponsors for educating kids.

The site has to be updated and so the following details are not there in it:

Here * in the table means that the kinder gardten is privately monitored and not government sponsored.

The bus fees of the 7 children for a year is 1000 (they have discounted it for us.)

Sunita - a girl child will be undergoing private S.S.C tuitions which she will undertake after 2 years. I thought this would be best for her as she is 14 years old and 4th pass which is the criteria for taking private 10th exams. Also, she is not getting the time to attend the daily school due to her work schedule. She is very much eager and looking forward to clearing her S.S.C. and go to college in 2 years. We are in look out of private tuition teacher for her.

Thanks and Regards,


Soma Joshi / Capgemini India / Mumbai-3 
Consultant / TS / CSD
Main: +91 22 6755 7000 Ext. 2121 / Direct: +91 22 6780 2121


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I am a PhD student at the University of Southern California with research interests in robotics. I did my undergraduate studies from IIT Bombay. Being a member of NGO Post is an attempt at doing something for the community that I am a part of.

Most of my posts here are due to Chandni ( more



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"Art of Sharing Knowledge Educational Society(ASKES)", a nonprofit organization, is going to organize a program on Gandhi Jayanty on 2nd Oct, 2010 at Sarva Shiksha, a literacy program running at G.D.Colony, Mayur Vihar phase-3, Delhi-110096. So many unprivileged children from the slums of Sapera basti, Ghadoli Gaon and also flood affected population of Delhi are provided with education under Sarva Shiksha.

In this Ocassion, the importance of education in human life will be focused to the unprivileged children from slums, to motivate them for education. Some stationary required for running this literacy program, will be handed over to the in charge of Sarva Shiksha. Some cloths, shoes and toys will also be distributed to the children during this event.
Some Computers are also needed to provide them hi-tech knowledge. So they can make employable. Presently several poor and needy persons has made employable and giving employment in MNC‘s like Patni Computer System Ltd., Noida.

This all set up is initially funded by “Art of Sharing Knowledge Educational Society”. But by the size of effecting population and area which our NGO is covering needs more grant from other sources. Grant is well accepted in the form of financial or materialistic support.
A donation to ASKES from your or your organizations will enable to intensify our efforts. Donations, contribution can be sent by money order, demand draft & and crossed cheque.
If anyone can help us kindly contact us through our e-mail id – or contact Either President Mr.Bipin Kumar Singh or Treasurer Mr. Rakesh Pandey – +919910719374 / +919350572080.

Seeking your favorable response and thanking you in advance.
Yours truly,

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hey soma u doin grt....maybe i can help u...jat gv me a call on 9967762939

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My organisation and I are planning to contribute to the future of underprivileged children of Indian society. Can someone tell the procedure and the contact details?

We have offices in both Mumbai and Bangalore so it would be ok for us to help in both places.


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Hi Rajeev,
Did you mail Chintan about your interest? You might want to.

You can also go through several financial aid appeals on

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