Energy Efficiency through LED Lighting

by DontheCat on Dec 21, 2009      Category: Energy Tags: led-lights energy efficient lights power saving

Connexions Leisure Stores in a Lifestyle Chain Stores based out of Chennai. The group has currently 6 stores in Tamil Nadu and is poised for a massive expansion.

The new showroom at Ashok Nagar, Chennai (approximately 2500 sq.frt) has been lit entirely using LED lights, totalling wattages of less than 1 kw. The normal plan using traditional TFL and CFLs was around 5kw and above.

The showroom has been lit indoor with SRM Electronics 24watt and 36watt downlights and the Nameboard (22 x 4 ft) with just 4 x 12w of focus lights.

Its a 12 hr lit showrrom and thus the saving in terms of energy and power charges are substantial.

Connexions has proposed to convert lighting all the other showrrooms to LED in a phased manner. Consulation is being provided by Concept 4E, Chennai.

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LEDs do offer savings through lower electricity consumption but their costs are still on the higher side, making their investment recovery period longer and that's why people are not adopting them as fast as one would like. Hopefully scientific developments will bring down the costs low enough to make it economically attractive very soon.

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Its not about scientific devs. Its all about a passion to save Energy. Its about the Big Boys in the industry not willing to reduce prices cos it will affect their TFL and CFL market.If they reduce, the industry will grow and the prices will come down.

We sell LED lights starting from an affordable range of Rs.300/- per watt with a payback of 1.5 to 3 years. And everyday we have an installation :-)

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