Eureka!! Educating 300,000 children with 5000 libraries in Tamil Nadu

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AID India- (Association for India's Development) is implementing a massive reading quality improvment program in the state of Tamil Nadu, reaching out to more than 800,000 children with its Tamil Reading program, Libary Program and Science Education program, using its unique activity based learning techniques.

Part of this massive effort is to spread 5000 Village libraries. Yes, that is right. And No, there are no buildings. Just a set of boxes with books, science experiments, art, craft & sports kits! Village volunteers keep the boxes in their homes and get children to borrow books and kits. Where children are first generation learners, where their homes have never seen a book before, in those remote villages this simple project will light up the lives of children with books, story cards, games and experiments.

This project is just a tear drop of the enomous efforts of the team in AID Chennai. Although, many are paid staff, the volunteer base in villages all over TN are driving these efforts.

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Also if you like this project, vote for the American Express's Members' project competition, which will award $1.5M to the most popular project nominated by its members. Let us grab the opportunity to make it a success, so it can be a model for the whole of India.
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Prakash, thanks for posting this. Another story was posted on this a few days ago and many users liked it.

Am sure the vote count is rising in support :)

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FYI - 'Kathai Aruvi' - Tamil Story Cards for Sale

From "Devika V.R."

Kathai Aruvi Tamil Story Cards with Aseema...... ..

Kathai Aruvi, the magical 100 Tamil story cards library in a bag is now available with Aseema. Kathai Aruvi story cards were produced by Chatnath Trust to make Tamil reading attractive for children by making each story separately in a laminated card. So 100 children can read at the same time and each card can be exchanged with another 100!. The 100 cards come neatly put in a jute bag. The library can be neatly put away and the lamination makes it easy to be handled by a group of rough kids. A bagful of 100 attractively illustrated (in colour) cards is available for Rs.600. Anyone interested in buying it or sponsoring it for rural schools is welcome to contact us. Please email or call Vasantha Parthasharathy 9841009927


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Support a Poetry Theatre Performance by Kids in Chennai

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From: Chintan

*CBSE Project to get kids to read more*

Excerpts from

If you are a book lover, then imagine reading Harry Potter in school with
your teacher’s blessings. If you are not an avid book reader, then the time
is now to read books — from Panchatantra to Huckleberry Finn to Sherlock
Holmes. For, the Central Board of Secondary Education plans to introduce a
reading project for upper primary and secondary classes by recommending a
series of books ranging from Mark Twain to contemporary writers like Sudha
The project allows schools either to choose the recommended books or suggest
their own. The schools can vary the level but every child has to read at
least one book per term.

The objective is to inculcate the reading habit among children. The board
feels the project will lead to independent learning or reading skills. It’s
not enough to offer children a good selection of reading texts, the board
feels, as this will not ensure the child will read a passage and become a
good reader. Children will be encouraged to read on science, technology and
politics too.

Teachers can give students books of one genre which can be read by the whole
class. The books under this project should not be taught in class but
introduced through activities. “It should be left to students to read at
their own pace. Teachers may, however, choose to assess a child’s progress
in reading the book by asking for verbal or written progress reports,
looking at the diary entries of students, engaging in a discussion about the
book, giving a short quiz or a worksheet about the book/ short story,” the
board said.

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To donate to ShantiBhavan (a school in south India for Dalit kids), read the founder's mail at

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International Conference on Children's Libraries: New Delhi, Feb 4 to 6


*Building a Book Culture*

February 4th - 6th, 2010
New Delhi (INDIA)

The Association of Writers and Illustrators for
Children(AWIC), the Indian Section of the
International Board on Books for Young
People (IBBY), is holding a three-day International Conference on Children’s
Libraries – Building A Book Culture, on February 4th—6th, 2010 at New Delhi,
India. The aim of the Conference is to discuss the potentials and scope of
libraries in strengthening the book culture. This Conference, a pioneering
attempt by the Indian BBY, is a step towards this goal.

AWIC, founded by Late Shankar Pillai in 1981, is a voluntary organisation
dedicated to the development and promotion of creative literature for
children. It aims at bringing books and children together and promoting the
reading habit.
Reading books is an important ingredient in the development of the child’s
personality. The role of children’s libraries is crucial to create a
climate that encourages reading. Let us join hands to strengthen the library
movement everywhere in the world.

We invite children’s librarians, educationists, publishers, authors and all
others interested in children and books, to attend this important
conference. Participants will benefit from the academic sessions, share the
experiences of eminent speakers from around the world, and watch
demonstrations of reading promotion activities. At the same time, they will
enjoy the attractive displays and cultural evenings organised for the

AWIC Children’s Library Project has been active for the last 25 years in
India. It won the prestigious IBBY-Asahi Reading Promotion Award in 1991.
The presence of the IBBY-Asahi award winners will be the highlight of the

For further details contact:
Conference Organiser
Association of Writers and Illustrators for Children (AWIC) / Ind.BBY
Nehru House
4, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg
New Delhi- 110002

Tel.: 91-11-23311095, 91-11-23316970-74

*Seminar Topics*
4-6 February 2010
New Delhi

*Session 1 *
*Development of Libraries for Children *
- Public Libraries - NGO Libraries
- School Libraries - Libraries for Special Children
- Home Libraries

*Session 2
Suitable Reading Material for Children’s Libraries *
- The Role of Publishers - The Role of Illustrator
- The Role of Authors - The Role of Translators

*Session 3
Children’s Library Services*
- The Role of the Librarian - Networking of Libraries
- Selection of Books - Mobile Libraries

*Session 4
Children’s Libraries as a Catalyst of Social Change*
- Books where there are none - Reading for Recovery
- Changing attitudes

*Session 5
Children’s Libraries without Borders *
- A Book Culture to Build Bridges (Promotion of universal values)
- Two-way Flow of Children’s Literature
- Digital Libraries to Promote Reading /Library Services
- One World One dream (Promotion of friendship, tolerance and peace)
Post Lunch Sessions *
- Presentations by IBBY Asahi Reading Promotion Awardees
- Demonstrations of Reading Promotion Activities in Children’s Libraries
Cultural Evening*

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