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by Samuel on Aug 25, 2008      Category: Governance Tags: center for best practices in uganda

I want to share about the progress that Foundation for Development of Needy Communities (FDNC) make despite the limited resources and means with which we continue working. FDNC is currently embarked on to set up a Center that will serve various poor people and community based organizations and the people that serve the under served people. My research over the past 14 years with sustainable development efforts reveal that given the necessary tools, publicity and exposure, local people are the best agents to enact more sustainable social change in their own communities. Providing locally based organizations with access to effective resources, and training in areas of common interest and creating a forum for sharing of areas of “best practice” within NGO management, with guest speakers etc would allow them to better serve their clientèle. A local center providing such services and resources in Mbale Town, Uganda is one of my goals that would prove invaluable for NGOs in Eastern Uganda. I assume with optimism that there are people and organisations out there that are willing to collaborate in this respect. What is unique about this approach is that we are attempting to coordinate institution-building both through local resources and foreign ones. If you would like to read more about this, please visit: http://fdncuganda.org/programs_building_sustainability.html I have full confidence that with the completion of this facility, it will be a great step in fulfilling FDNC vision of healthy and sustainable communities liberated from poverty and thriving with self reliant individuals who have improved education,skills and livelihoods. I welcome any ideas and suggestions that could lead to further possibilities, support to enable this vision become a reality. I will be pleased to hear directly from you all. In Solidarity, Samuel W.Watulatsu, Founder & Trustee, Foundation for Development of Needy Communities (FDNC) P.O Box 2431, Mbale, Uganda. info@fdncuganda.org / fdncuganda@yahoo.com http://www.fdncuganda.org

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