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The intention of Sangam House is to bring together writers from around
the world to live and work in a safe, peaceful setting, a space made
necessary on many levels by the world we now live in. Our residency
programs are designed for writers who have published to some acclaim but
not yet enjoyed substantial commercial success.

Applications for 2012 must be received by July 31, 2011.

Dates for 2012 Sangam House Session:

January 5-March 29

Sangam House will be located this season at Nrityagram, 40kms outside the southern city of Bangalore.

In addition to general applications, Sangam House offers specific fellowships.

The Asif Currimbhoy Fellowship for 2-4 weeks

is open to Indian playwrights working in any Indian language, including English.

The Nevatia Fellowship for Humanist Writing for 2-4 weeks

will support an Indian writer working in any Indian
language,including English,  in non-fiction, fiction and translation,
whose work focuses on secularism, human rights, violence (from domestic
abuse to international conflicts), or equality and discrimination based
on caste, gender or religion.

The Prakriti Foundation Fellowship for 2-4 weeks

is open to a Tamil writer working in any discipline

The Lavanya Sankaran Fellowship for 2 – 4 weeks

is open to Indian writers working in English with a preference for those writing fiction

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