The final inch | film on polio eradication in India

by ameetdesh on Nov 28, 2008      Category: Health & Disability Tags: india health google polio film

Watch this inspiring film on eradication on Polio in India. Made by vermillion films in collaboration with

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I am doctoral student at UC San Diego. I am interested in Economics and role of appropriate Technology in development and education. With the internet, the world has become a small place, with best practices in various fields accessible at mouseclick. In future I would like to play such rolw of a more



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too good....

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very motivating.
can we have a CD of the same. i can show the people in the urban slum in delhi where we have polio camps next month

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I have read a lot of discussions in which they claim vaccines to be harmful. One of the people pioneering in this regard is an odiya guy -

Let me know if anybody has reliable information about vaccines. I m really confused with the info circulate against vaccines.

Another link -

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can you try contacting Vermilion films at They might send you cd directly, or give Indian distributor's contact. It is going to be aired on HBO soon.. I guess dvds in US will become available after that.

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Another discussion was going on at which is very relevant to this one.

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Many thanks Ameetdesh

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