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Flavia Agnes is a women's rights lawyer and founder of Majlis, a legal and cultural resource centre in Mumbai, India. Flavia Agnes is a relentless advocate of gender equality through the law and a staunch critic of the Uniform Civil Code. Flavia appeared before the Sri Krishna Commission enquiry into the 1992 riots in the Indian cities of Mumbai and Berhampada. She has written and published extensively, including in the journals Subaltern Studies, Economic and Political Weekly, and Manushi on the themes of minorities and the law, feminist jurisprudence, gender and law, and law in the context of women's movements. She is author of the book, Law and Gender Inequality: the Politics of Women's Rights in India, published by the Oxford University Press (1999).


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Dear Flavia, I have filed a sexual harassment case against my company in their sexual harassment committee, but the company has favored the accused since he is the HR Director and has filed a false extortion case against me and my husband to take revenge. I have all the proofs and Committee report which shows that the case is being supressed. Company has given me suspension letter. I would seek help to fight against this injustice against a Corporate MNC. Please help and guide. Thanking you, Lavina Fernandes

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I can't disclose my name.

I am trapped into a circumstance where, I was involved with a guy at the age of 18 yrs. I got pregnant and gave birth to a son, now a year and half. The problem I am having is this. When the baby was born, I had asked him for marriage but he said no until I did a DNA test although he knew that this was his son for sure and, that I could not afford a DNA test. Now, he knows that my family has a flat and has been asking him to put the flat in his name. He has now offered me marriage but with a motive of getting the flat in his name to which, I turned him down. He lives on the street.

He is now trying to force me to marry him and has threatened me with death and every one i know,if I did not. He has also told me that he will take my baby if i did not and if I did not agree to marriage, I had to give him my sign.

What should I do ? He does not have a house and, I don't have any money to pay for a lawyer. His family dont want me but only want my flat. He beats me up many times.

Please help or suggest what i should do.


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A man is supposed to provide a house. Even if he cannot his intentions should be that he wants to marry you out of love. What is the need to marry this fellow? He only wants your house and once he has it I can bet he will throw you out or start some affair and bring someone else to live in with him. Then you will be without a house and a husband.
There are many who will accept you and your son.. society is changing. People are changing... Just be patient and wait till you find someone who only wants you.. and as a bonus also has a house of his own. Make friends and enjoy life. He cant force you to marry him. Lodge a police complaint that he is issuing death threats. All the best.

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My name is waqas and I m from Delhi . I love a girl from Mumbai and she also loves me . We r having an affair for the last two years with very pure intentions of getting married but with parental consent . Now when we discussed the situation with our respective parents then my parents agreed but her parents haven't agreed even though the girl is . They r not giving any reasons for it and moreover , they have locked her in the house and snatched her mobile and also stopped her from going to office . They are also preasurising her to quit this relationship . I am from a very good family and a managerial rank employee with a pvt company in Delhi . The last conversation I had with the girl was that we will ask our parents first and if they don't agree then we will get married ourselves . Can you pls help me in getting married to the girl I love and save us .

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